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PS2 Do You Still Own A PlayStation 2?

Discussion in 'Playstation' started by TheViper, Oct 18, 2014.

  1. TheViper

    TheViper New Member

    I am a big oldie lover and consoles are no exception. Even when the "next gen" consoles were released. I still played my PlayStation 2 on a consistent basis. There are still some games that I have yet to play on my PS2 that I am purchasing soon. Who here still owns a PlayStation 2?
  2. Squigly

    Squigly Member

    I still own one, it works just fine. I don't really play on it that often anymore though, unless I'm in for some childhood nostalgia. I spent a lot of hours back then on Timesplitters 2 (really awesome classic), Final Fantasy and the Metal Slug series.
  3. Ridge

    Ridge New Member

    My kids have a room where they go to play toys so the kid mess doesn't spread to the resy of the house. My old PS2 has been their DVD player for a few years now.
  4. Scarsz

    Scarsz Member

    Well, if you consider an emulator one, yeah. I still have an entire rubbermade packed with PS2 games I still need to sell eventually
    TheViper likes this.
  5. Thomas Hall

    Thomas Hall New Member

    I still have the PlayStation 2 and it still works real well, and plays most of the games I have which is good. I used to play God of war series on it a lot and remember, getting frustrated at times when playing the game and pressing buttons. I have enjoyed the Hitman series and Tombraider series that were released for it and played well, and also bully and the Grand theft auto series. Some of these games, are classic ones for the PlayStation 2 and goes to show how the graphics were pushed to the limit for consumers.
  6. insertkittyface

    insertkittyface New Member

    Still own one? Heck, of course I do. I haven't even upgraded since then just because I do most of my gaming on a PC. But it works just fine, as do all of my games. I still love that thing!
  7. Avex

    Avex Never hate your enemies. It affects your judgment.

    Every now and then I'll play my good old PS2, still have loads of games for it and I especially love to play GTA Liberty City Stories on it! Don't think I'll ever be able to sell it
  8. Saffy

    Saffy Member

    I think JD has one sitting around somewhere but I really don't know.. I know his brother permanently borrowed his xbox so he might have done the same with that.. or his dad.. lol I kinda miss some of those old games though but I never owned play station myself.. I used my friends play stations and step brother's play station... although I guess I do now since we have a PS3 and absolutely no games for it except a gundam game that's in all Japanese that Jerk (cosmicodyssey) plays. Guess I should find myself some games?
  9. Jack

    Jack Founding Member

    I have one up in my loft. It's a silver ps2, I don't think I have any games for it though.
  10. CosmicOdyssey

    CosmicOdyssey New Member

    It's in my box of old game stuff along with a Genesis a n64 and possibly an original playstation
  11. Lights

    Lights New Member

    Yep, I still have my old PS2 sitting somewhere in my closet... along with several other PS2s and PS2 slim consoles. I'm weird in that i've been buying up PS2 consoles whenever I can I find them in the thrift stores I frequent. I can't resist, especially with those PS2 slims... it's so small and portable! I wish consoles came this small these days! The Xbox One is humongous, and the PS4 is so oddly shaped...

    I've since stopped buying them, because there's no point in having a stack of PS2s in my closet. The irrational hoarder in me is fading, gladly!
    Last edited: Oct 30, 2014
  12. Radix24

    Radix24 New Member

    Yup. My PS2 is hidden safely inside my shelf. It is still working and I play it every now and then. I do not have that many games in there though, since it was always strange timing that we get a PS...and then the next generation is released. I usually play Fight Night and Dragon ball on my trusty PS2. My games are also hidden with the console.
  13. maniacmaran

    maniacmaran New Member

    Yes. I still own a Playstation one and two. I got my first Playstation console when I was ten, and I was absolutely obsessed with it. My first game was "Spyro, Rypto rage 2". I still own that game, and all of my other Playstation one games. I sill have a few Playstation two games also, and the game console itself. I like to keep my old toys and games because I feel like they are a part of my childhood that I do not ever want to forget or get rid off.
  14. DjoBoy

    DjoBoy New Member

    I still own a PlayStation 2 and it still works. I had also a PlayStation 1 but, it stopped reading CD's.
    I still play some PlayStation 2 games, because they are better than most of the games of today.
    I enjoyed Playing Final Fantasy X and I replayed the HD remake on PlayStation 3. It was amazing.
  15. GamerPerson

    GamerPerson Member

    I still own my Playstation 2, as well. I haven't booted it up in a few months, but I think the last game I played was an InuYasha one. The one before that was Star Ocean: Till the End of Time. However, the game that got me into playing it again was Final Fantasy X. I went on a binge of playing it for several months, before I retired to my PC for the winter.

    (I swear, DjoBoy sounds JUST like me. You and sir, are going to be good friends!)
  16. Atlas_Hope

    Atlas_Hope New Member

    I still own my PS2 as well as all of my old consoles, however I haven't played any games on it for a while as it happens to be in storage. Luckily some of my favorite games (Ratchet and Clank, Jak and Daxter etc.) have been rereleased in HD so I can revisit the good times.
  17. Jojo83

    Jojo83 New Member

    I proudly still have a PS2 because it's just an awesome machine. It was pretty technologically advanced during its time and the graphics still looks good even by today's standards. The game library is amazing, a lot of games was released for it and even to this day I still haven't played some of its most popular games yet. There's just a lot of games to choose from, especially those good japanese games.
  18. BluBird

    BluBird New Member

    Sure I do, PS2 is still very much alive for me, infact I use it just as much as I use my other consoles. The PS2 just has too many great games to warrant play over and over again. The system is so legendary.
  19. DMCampos

    DMCampos New Member

    I consider myself a game collector, and I keep all my old systems, playing on them every now and them. The PS2 is actually one of the consoles I play the most, since there are so many great games out there worth playing!

    Counting only JRPGs, I still have more than 15 on my PS2 to-play list, so I think I will be playing on it for quite a while...
  20. Qarnage

    Qarnage New Member

    I still own one but it's basically just eating dust at the moment. I used to use it as a DVD-player for the past years but ever since I got a laptop the ps2 is really not needed anymore. Both my laptop and PC can play my ps2 discs and emulators can even upscale the games relatively well so I really have no reason to use it anymore. I won't throw it away though, I've got too many memories with the thing.