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What unreleased game are you looking forward to

Discussion in 'General Gaming' started by dmch, Oct 6, 2012.

  1. dmch

    dmch New Member

    Anyone care to share what unreleased game they're looking forward to?

    Halo 4 for me :D
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  2. Sino989

    Sino989 Member

    What game am I looking forward to? Currently, I am looking forward to Call of Duty World War II because quite honestly, I do not enjoy the recent Call of Dutys.
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  3. Gladdy

    Gladdy Member

    There's quite some I'm looking forward to. I think 2017 will be a good year for games. Like Sino989 said, WWII (please let it be good), then Middle-Earth: Shadow of War, State of Decay 2 - loved that game and the fact that they will finally add COOP is awesome. Last but not least, Red Dead Redemption 2. I have been waiting for this sequel so long and now it will finally arrive, so excited. It will be interesting to see where the story will take us.
  4. Hux

    Hux Head Forum Admin Forum Administrator

    So far I'm looking forward to Call of Duty: WWII and the new Assassin's Creed game that's been announced.
  5. lunarsilkdragon

    lunarsilkdragon New Member

    Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord. I have literally never been this hype for a video game ever.
    Mount & Blade: Warband is one of my favorite games of all time and with the right mods, it's as close to a perfect game as you can get. From what I've seen from gameplay videos it seems to be all I can ask for. The same awesome game but with most features improved and some brand new ones that also seem cool.
  6. Xilkozuf

    Xilkozuf Member

    I have a huuuge backlog so I'm more focused on finishing games I already own. But I can't help but be hyped for a few upcoming titles.
    South Park: the fractured but whole is the first that come to mind. I absolutely loved the first one, expecially as a fan of the show, and I hope this one will top it!
    Middle-earth: Shadow of War is another game I'm waiting. Again, another sequel, but again, I loved the first one. A perfect open-world, in my opinion. The only think I didn't really like was the ending.
    But I'm also waiting for a non-sequel game! Praey for the Gods, simply because it's Shadow of the Colossus (one of my favourite games ever) with snow. It looks promising.
  7. Jonathan Solomon

    Jonathan Solomon Member

    Lately, I haven't really been excited about new gaming titles. I've been enjoying oldie but goodies. As of 2017, I am very interested in the releases of God of War 4, State of Decay 2, and Crackdown 3. Hopefully, they live up to the expectations of the news bulletins they've been receiving recently.
  8. arachnophobik

    arachnophobik New Member

    Right now it's Elder Scrolls 6. There's no news of it coming anytime soon either but it's unreleased and I think we can all agree that there will be a new installment someday so I guess it counts. I thought they made a fantastic job with Skyrim, but that's all they've been doing, porting Skyrim to VR and Twitch, releasing enhanced editions, etc. I just want to see a game that may top my most favorite game of all time :/
  9. BatmanWayne

    BatmanWayne New Member

    Well, right now, I just have seen the E3 and I like the Battlefront 2 game, because it is much better than its first game, also I like the new Spiderman Game, and I want the new version of Crash, the new "Crash Bandicoot n sane Trilogy", because it is a old memory and it will be very, very good!
  10. Neo

    Neo New Member

    I am absolutely looking forward to Call of Duty WW2 and Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. Assassin's Creed Origins is one game I cannot wait for! Also expecting South Park and Need For Speed to be really good.
  11. Denis_P

    Denis_P New Member

    There are two games I'm really looking forward to at the moment. The first of those is Assassin's Creed Origins. I didn't think that I would ever be excited for an Assassin's Creed game again after Ubisoft started putting them out in rapid fire mode, milking the series dry. But with this latest installment they managed to tap into my obsession with ancient Egyptian history, and now I can't help but be hyped. The other game is South Park: The Fractured But Whole. I'm a huge South Park fan and really enjoyed The Stick of Truth so I can't wait to see what's in store with this new one.
  12. WildSpirit

    WildSpirit Member

    I have read and seen about some good things coming around (by the way, some of them seem very interesting :wink:), but at the moment, I'm not so anxious for any particular game. I'm just enjoying the ride and seeing what is appearing along the way. :smiley:
  13. Empire

    Empire Member

    with allot that has been mention from E3 there are some new games that I would like to buy however the cost puts me down unless steam has the sale on next year.

    The games that I got my mind set to are below:
    1. Destiny 2
    2. Star Wars Battlefront II
    3. Far Cry 5
    4. Sea of Thieves
    5. wolfenstein 2
  14. WildSpirit

    WildSpirit Member


    I've got my eye on 3 of those 5 games that you mentioned: Destiny 2, Far Cry 5 and Sea of Thieves . My expectations are relatively high relative to them :smiley: and I hope they don't disappoint me. :weary:
    Empire likes this.
  15. Empire

    Empire Member

    I loved when I got wolfenstein the new order then the next got released was crap and now wolfenstein 2 is going to be even better.

    And yeah hope that it won't be an wast of money if it's going to be crap
  16. thart

    thart New Member

    There is a game coming up called ' i hope ', it's giving literally hope and encouragement to children with cancer. Proceeds are going towards charity or cancer research. It will be out on XBOX and Steam.
  17. NotCasual

    NotCasual New Member

    Assassin's Creed Origins. Having been in development for a year extra this time around, it most likely won't disappoint as much as the last two AC's have. It's being developed by the team that made AC Black Flag, which is widely accepted as the most fun AC game. Origins will expand on what made Black Flag a great game, with an even bigger map and more things to explore. It gets rid of all the things we got tired of in AC such as the combat, everything is revamped. Plus it's set in Ancient Egypt, I couldn't have asked for a better setting.
  18. jitendra0341

    jitendra0341 New Member

    I am looking for Call of Duty ww2. There is also Final fantasy x HD.I have been a big fan of final fantasy from its first edition.some other games I looking forward is:
    1. Soul sacrifice
    2. Persona 4 golden
    3. Call of duty black ops
    4. Assasin creed liberation
  19. overcast

    overcast Member

    Me being fan of the Wolfestein series. I go for the second game in the series. I love the way the earlier games in the series were. And for that I choose to have this game to play in neartime future. I am also looking forward to the nearest world cup game for the EASports. I have played the cricket in past and I wish to play it again.
  20. ZXD22

    ZXD22 Member

    I'm totally looking forward to the new Star Wars Battle front II coming out. So many youtubers have streamed some footage of the alpha beta and they have said nothing but positive things about it! It looks like so much fun and visually appealing as well. Looking forward to pre-ordering this in the near future and giving it a shot on my PC!