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What is your favorite free-to-play game?

Discussion in 'General Gaming' started by jurew2, Dec 8, 2014.

  1. Honeymoon

    Honeymoon New Member

    Right now it's Dota 2. Even if you hate the game, you gotta admit that it's pretty darn glorious for a free game. It's what I love about the game: It's completely free to play and money gives you no advantage whatsoever. Skill is the only thing that matters in it, and that's what I love about Dota 2. I hate it when free games requires you to buy super expensive P2W weapons that gives unfair advantages. It's ridiculous.
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  2. lexinonomous

    lexinonomous New Member

    My favorite free-to-play game, hands down, is Dota 2. They took a simple tower defense game and made it something that people want to continuously come back to. If a game can manage to keep me interested throughout a 45-60 minute match, they are doing something right. I love that every character is unique and large in selection. It lets every match differ each time you play. They are continuously making updates to make the game better as well.
  3. Dame6089

    Dame6089 New Member

    Pokemon Shuffle is by far my favorite free to play game. I would reccomend the 3DS version over the mobile version though. The mobile version goes out of its way to make you spend money. Whereas on the 3DS, you can reliably grind coins without every paying real cash.

    There are probably better match 3 style games, but the Pokemon branding makes this one addicting for me. Been playing daily for over a year!
  4. JoshSucksAtGames

    JoshSucksAtGames Member

    I like mobas... have yet to play Dota 2 tho. People say it's pretty challenging compared to other mobas. Tis true?
  5. cros1625

    cros1625 Member

    All about that Warface action. Yeah the game can be jank at times, but it's fun to get in, kill some peeps, and get out.
  6. Mary Arnold

    Mary Arnold New Member

  7. JoshSucksAtGames

    JoshSucksAtGames Member

    Warface. Gotta love it's jank ass freezing
    cros1625 likes this.
  8. Casiox

    Casiox New Member

    Well, generally when it comes to Free to Play games I definitely consider Dota 2 and Team Fortress 2 as the best Free to Play games that could exist in the gaming world. I've personally played both games and I really think they have a big potential which is currently being exploited to their limits, especially when talking about Dota 2, when we clearly know that it's currently the most paid Esports game in history as long as I know, it's simply a great game which could make anybody get addicted to it with just playing the first match.
  9. Joel7050

    Joel7050 New Member

    My favourite free to play game is a web browser game. Stick Wars 2. It requires very smart strategy and has intense matches. It's graphics are pretty simple but it's the gameplay and strategy that I enjoy. There is a much simpler one from years ago just called Stick Wars. I recommend starting with that game and finishing its campaign first.
  10. Steamroller

    Steamroller New Member

    So far, my favorite game is Tales of Maj'eyal, although the expansions are not free. Free to play doesn't necessarily mean free multiplayer online games, at least that is what I think. Anyway, Tales of Maj'eyal (ToMe) is a roguelike game that I have spent in there more than 100 hours, I never get bored of all the diversity of classes and different approach of typical roguelike gameplay, is more random than hard, but has the steep learning curve like every other roguelike. Also, It has an achievement system and online modding community.
  11. EntropiaAddict

    EntropiaAddict New Member

    My favorite game that is advertised as F2P is Entropia Universe... This game has a unique set of challenges, and can be played for free (I did for a couple years). Entropia also has the benefit of being a long term game, as in it takes years to get to any kind of level where you are a decent player. The game has kept me entertained for the last 6 years off and on (though I have put money into it on occasion). If someone finds themselves interested, be forewarned... the F2P way to play this game is long and painful.

    On a more realistic F2P model, I have enjoyed playing Neverwinter on the Xbox One. This game truly is free to play it seems and most of the limitations do not seem to impact my playtime in any real way. So, I guess Neverwinter would take my choice for being truly F2P.
  12. Gmrgrl

    Gmrgrl New Member

    That one is super easy for me. My favorite game to play is League of Legends. That will probably always be my all time favorite game. I just love the fast-paced rhythm of the game. I've put in so many hours into that game, and I wouldnt' mind putting in a few more.
  13. rootle

    rootle New Member

    Got to agree with some people here, it's League of Legends for me. I've spent so much time playing that game that it's hard to believe I got it for free, especially considering some of the games I've paid for. League is just so much fun, I love the teamwork, the intensity and just the fun you can have with random strangers online.
  14. AnonLu

    AnonLu New Member

    I'm not sure, as I don't play many free to play games, but I would say Blacklight Retribution at the moment.
  15. NotCasual

    NotCasual New Member

    Currently, none. Previously, TF2. I had purchased it before it became F2P, I absolutely loved it. My PC could barely run anything, and I was using Linux as well. So I had to go to a friend's house in order to play it. It doesn't really appeal to me anymore, but back then, I would kill to have a PC that could run the game.
  16. Sino989

    Sino989 Member

    I would have to say that my favorite free to play game would Paladins right now, because even though it's a free game it's not a bad game. It pretty much is Overwatch but has it's only little twist on it so, I think that makes the game more fun.
  17. Jonathan Solomon

    Jonathan Solomon Member

    The problem with free-to-play games is that majority of the time you need a pay-to-win strategy to enjoy. Otherwise, you're getting dominated in general FPS and MMORPG type games.

    Need For Speed World (R.I.P.) was my favorite open world racer, I made a plethora of fun memories on that game. BeGone is another surprisingly good option for an open web-based shooter. Another preference of mine (that has unfortunately shut down) was Fifa World Beta! It was released in November 2013; I began playing mid-2014. It was because of Fifa World I became good at playing competitive football online.

    The majority of my favorite free-to-play games (like the ones listed) have shut down. I don't focus on these type games anymore.
  18. Lord Sanity

    Lord Sanity New Member

    Star Wars the Old Republic it was my first free to play game and I absolutely love it love it so much I actually spent money on it.
  19. Xilkozuf

    Xilkozuf Member

    Team Fortress 2: it was my favourite even before it became Free2Play, and now that it have a lot more players it's even more awesome.
    I love the style, I love how every class is unique, I love the maps, the gameplay... It's simply direct and fun, and I never have enough of playing.
  20. lilac123

    lilac123 New Member

    I think my favorite free-to-play game is League right now. They are always updating the game and adding new champions, reworking old champions, etc, trying to improve the game and player experience. Although I haven't been playing for all that long, some of my friends who have been playing for years are still addicted to the game because there are always changes and they are constantly trying to improve at the game. If I don't feel like playing a game myself, I enjoy watching other League players' streams and watching highlights. I think there must be a reason why so many people watch these streams and go to professional tournaments.