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What do you ...

Discussion in 'Specific Platform Games' started by Toxique, Sep 14, 2012.

  1. Toxique

    Toxique Well-Known Member

    What do you look for in a game ? this can be any type of game too. I look for a great story line and great graphics.
  2. Scion

    Scion Member

    Graphics are important but not key, really the storyline and how smoothly the overall gameplay works is what I look for and of course if it actually entertains me
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  3. Voi

    Voi Active Member

    After playing more games on the pc, if the game doesn't have good graphics. I Can't play it. if there's a great storyline but all i see is those jagged lines and screw up textures. i can't pay it or even get into the storyline. Like oblivion. i absolutely fell in love with that game on pc. Graphics where good imo and the storyline was great imo. Same goes for Skyrim and Fallout 3 + New Vegas! but. if i game has best graphics ever but no storyline at all. vice versa really.
  4. mg2prime

    mg2prime New Member

    I dont look for graphics, I look for a great playing experience something that doesn't frustrate me.
  5. Melawe

    Melawe New Member

    I think graphics is dependant on the game you are playing, some games whould be better in 3D, while others can't get better while they are 2D. Even some games with pixel art are fun. Each style is fun in a different way, but the type of game and storyline must go inline with it. Fancypants Man is a really fun game, one of the best on the web and it is in 2D. One mario game(cant recall its name) had pixel graphics(like the old 8bit games), it was fun. Street fighters online had semi-good art, but it suit the game, and over all it was 10 stars for me. :)

    So in my opinion, its the full blend that matters, sometimes you don't realy need 3D, just decent 2D stick men. :p

    I'd have to think you would miss out on a lot of great games then. 3D is fun, but fun isn't limited to 3D, there are a lot more great 2D games around. For one, you don't really need chess in 3D, but it does(sometimes) make it a little better, but chess is chess beyond 3D or 2D, so are other games.

    I think we all tend to forget(yes even me) that a human made the game, sometimes alone sometimes with other people. And not everyone can draw, code, and make music that is really good. I try to remind my self sometimes, coding is easy, but making something good is hard. Think of it as food, scrambled eggs isn't hard to make, but some people can make it something you want to eat everyday. :p
  6. Guardian

    Guardian Well-Known Member

    Depth of gameplay. I don't want a game I can just 'beat' but parts of it I can beat, and others I have to work towards. Games that make me have to strategize to beat my opponent.
  7. Toxique

    Toxique Well-Known Member

    You make a very good point Malawe but if someone can't code,draw, and make music that is really good then they shouldn't sell it at the same price as the games that are good.
  8. Melawe

    Melawe New Member

    No, not at all. In the end everything should be spot on! Don't sell it yet, or make it f2p, or completly free. If it isn't right, a life time of free updates wouldn't be interesting, nor right, cause you never have a gurantee you will get a life time of coding on that game, aye? ;)

    Some games are at their best in none 3d semi good graphics, for example Alpha WInds, while others are wonderful in 3d, for example Mini Ninjas. But that doesn't mean all games are good, some have too bad graphics, music, story, game play, or something else that breaks the package. And that makes it not worth buying, or at least, not worth the same price as other games. Till they get it right, I think, for them as much as the buyer, its better if they try to sell the element they are good at, code, music, graphics, or what ever it maybe. It is all a learning process and you will have to start somewhere, what you make will surly be, well, lets just say not so good, but its a starting point, and will get better soon. :D
  9. Vanadium23

    Vanadium23 New Member

    If I start playing after work and then realize it's now 3am that's how I know it's a game I'll play again. When Skyrim came out I was clocking 10 or so hours a day without ever realizing. Same with New Vegas, that game just had something special about it (didn't really like fallout 3 as much). I guess I like games where there is so much to do that you (well, I) could never possibly clock it.

    Terraria was another great game I sunk hours into. I guess that's the other type of games I like. Huge builders.
  10. Ghost

    Ghost New Member

    Graphics definitely play a part, but one huge thing is the online community aspects. I don't play anymore, but games like WoW will always appeal to me more than 1st person shooters or games where community/having online friends is not the largest thing.

    Even Runescape is a more fun game to me than COD because Runescape at least has a good community; even though graphics/gameplay isn't that amazing.
  11. Roach

    Roach New Member

    Storyline and general game mechanics for me. They are very important to make sure the game works and plays well.
  12. StolenKid

    StolenKid New Member

    Sometimes I'm a big multiplayer fan, but if you're looking for a story, play Half Life 2, Heavy Rain, The Last Of Us, Mass Effect, GTA V, Beyond: Two Souls has a great story but the gameplay is complicated.
  13. yaorice

    yaorice New Member

    For me the game mechanics and characters are the most important. I wish I could say that a story is enough for me to be interested, but I've learned since that I'm only interested in the story if there are characters that I'm invested in. Quirkiness is always a plus, too, I'm a sucker for it.

    Also, I hate to admit it, but the size of the game's popularity does matter, to a certain extent. Don't get me wrong--I love indie games and games that aren't as well known as they should be, but it's undeniable that there's an extra layer of enjoyment when you can talk about it with friends and stuff. Especially for games that I get emotionally invested in, I feel like having people to talk about it or play it with is also important.
  14. giovanniiiii

    giovanniiiii Member

    I'm much more into the fun factor of the game and its multiplayer playability. It really feels good to play a challenging cooperative game with a friend since it's satisfying to see that there is teamwork among us. I am very picky when it comes to stories of games unless its delivery is brilliant and not cliche. I also love plot twists in stories and the availability of different outcomes of choices.
  15. PenguinManiac

    PenguinManiac Member

    Atmosphere. The only games that really felt memorable to me all had well-developed and distinct atmosphere. They gave off specific vibes, they knew what they wanted players to feel like, and this awareness influenced story, gameplay, level design... it gives the game a purpose. And that's what makes me feel fulfilled after playing a game. I guess it draws them closer to art than mere entertainment tools (which they are, but I find it to be kind of hollow by its own).
  16. Jameson

    Jameson New Member

    I look for great graphics and mind blowing gameplay.
  17. ZXD22

    ZXD22 Member

    I look for graphics that are at least tolerable to play but mainly looking for game play and physics.
  18. Inqogn1to

    Inqogn1to New Member

    Optimal game mechanics, good graphics, and most importantly great multiplayer optimization.
  19. mistakenichi

    mistakenichi New Member

    Something that surprise me, a Copernican twist in the story that makes me think twice the meaning of the game itself. Also philosophical stuff, as Metal Gear, with the bosses names: The Pain, The Fury, The End. Something where you can learn from.

    Or the total opposite: just shooting and jumping, as in Half-Life. Love them.
  20. manmad

    manmad New Member

    Well, the most important thing for me is in what mood I am, I generally pick games based on their genre, depending on how I feel and what I want to play, then I start choosing subcategories and looking at the worlds they offer.