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So tired of cheaters

Discussion in 'Counter-strike: Global Offensive' started by Mikado, Sep 10, 2015.

  1. Mikado

    Mikado New Member

    Feels like every MM game is cheaters. I'm double AK for reference.
  2. Guardian

    Guardian Well-Known Member

    Yeah, makes a lot of games hard/annoying to try to get into.
  3. Kino

    Kino New Member

    I wish I still played this. I played the original CS:Source back in the day. Cheaters back then too, don't worry.
    Jordan likes this.
  4. Adam

    Adam New Member

    Seems like ironically most high ranks are bombarded with cheaters. If you really want too, Derank yourself.
  5. Dabstin

    Dabstin New Member

    We all are. Some of them are so good at hiding it you just don't know whether it was their skill or hacks. Also yes it's harder to even detect them when they're at the very highest ranks. Some people genuinely have a ton of experience and skill of that level, but then the cheaters can appear the same way and it'd be hard to tell the difference.
  6. MakisHD

    MakisHD New Member

    I do agree with you that cheaters are extremely annoying. That is not the issue, the issue is when people try to kick the cheaters but people on the team do not vote kick because they want to win the game. Honestly I believe that this should be monitored much more closely and those supporting cheaters should get similar bans to what cheaters/hackers get. Also, I think that something should be done about hack prevention itself I don't feel that valve are focusing on preventing hacks. A prime example of this is when professional players were caught hacking.
  7. lexinonomous

    lexinonomous New Member

    Cheating is irritating. I have had a few hackers ruin my games before. It's a bummer when you're really into what you're doing and someone comes in to ruin it. Things really do need to be monitored more closely so that we can prevent cheating. Bans need to be enforced more often.
  8. pwarbi

    pwarbi New Member

    Unfortunately bans will never be applied as I think cheating now as become part and parcel of the games, and while as a player it will be annoying and out of order, banning certain users will probably on cause others to try it as it gets more attention.
  9. Nemto Tadak

    Nemto Tadak New Member

    I think the majority of them come only for the purpose of wrecking other people's fun. I have had cheaters come in and literally destroy things I have created, shoot friendlies in betrayal, and flood the game with data to crash it.

    You have to be a rude and hateful person to get into a game and then commence to break the rules, protocol, and ruin everything for everyone.

    It would be nice if game creators could write in code that recognizes cheats and hacks and automatically kicks violators on first offense.
  10. Squigly

    Squigly Member

    And the sad fact is that with the Winter Sale pricing CS:GO at 50% off, there's going to be a huge influx of cheaters. Hope the VAC system improves and bans them quickly...
  11. Dabstin

    Dabstin New Member

    Yeah I really don't think they care about cheaters more than the extra profits they get from the 'new accounts' and new CSGO copies they buy. It sucks but when having a sale they don't care who buys it. Well, I'm not one to complain to be honest, since I bought the game last summer sale for 6 bucks myself, but the cheaper it is, the easier for hackers to avoid bans.
  12. Rezonate

    Rezonate New Member

    Cheaters never prosper they say ? But that goes untold in the gaming world. Every time I see a cheater they usually do better than the ones that don't cheat ? But sometimes it's just a better tactic or strategy that they use and people think it's cheating.
  13. Maelalove

    Maelalove New Member

    I hate cheaters as much as the next person in this thread. But it's always existed, and it always will. Any sort of gaming, even if you went all the way back to card games. Unfortunately, the defenses against it only go so far.
  14. Arkadyuti

    Arkadyuti New Member

    Cheaters exist everywhere, dude. It doesn't matter whether you are Silver,Nova,Guardian or Eagle. You will encounter hackers at all levels. The VAC system has many issues, considering that it is extremely easy to bypass (yeah it catches up in the end, but that takes time). The truth is that the income from the item sales as well from the sale of copies of the game itself helps Valve keep its pockets stocked. So they don't care about improving the system. The only hope for you to get justice is Overwatch.
  15. TakKovacs

    TakKovacs New Member

    Ahhh, the never-ending struggle. I never will understand why so many people cheat at multiplayer games. Where's the fun in that? If it isn't a challenge I don't understand the point in playing at all. I kinda understand the want to tinker with stuff and occasionally mess with people a little bit, but for alot of "gamers" it's a way of life that pathetic. All it does is make life a little less fun the us real gamers who are there for the challenge and find it fun NOT being jerks.
  16. NotCasual

    NotCasual New Member

    Honestly, you should beware of who you call a cheater.

    I'm in double AK, and about every 2 games someone in my team is calling someone else a cheater. I never agree. I'm getting very tired of it. As soon as I see the guy without a mic spam ''cheater'' in the chat, I prepare myself to carry him. Surprise surprise, he was bottom fragging. They're always bottom fragging and have no idea what they're talking about.

    Just play the game.
  17. fcuco

    fcuco New Member

    Sometimes, people that can't handle losing and start accusing everyone of cheating are even more annoying that the cheaters themselves. Yes, some people get THAT good at games, deal with it, it is the same with the word "trolling", there is some real trolling going on but most of the time people start accusing other of being trolls because they don't like and can't agree with their arguments, so it is a very easy way to dismiss opinions without having to come up with counter arguments to refute those claims.

    That being said, online player will always be like this, that's way LAN parties were so awesome, it was the only way to enjoy a game controlling for all this things.
  18. Steamroller

    Steamroller New Member

    So typical.. When a multiplayer gets too popular, a lot of kids will resort on cheating to pretend they're like their twitch.tv idols.
  19. mastrSkyWalker

    mastrSkyWalker New Member

    Necro'd much?
    For people that are still running into cheaters even after Valve has implemented the level system (which removed a lot of the major issues the game had with cheaters):

    Have you tried FaceIt or ESEA? From what I know, ESEA especially does a good job of weeding out cheaters, as you basically are installing spying software on your computer that lets them see almost everything. It's a trade off of privacy for removing cheaters, which a lot of people feel is worth it. Valve has a hands-off approach compared to ESEA in regards to modifying or monitoring your system, which is why they rely on VAC, which has known vulnerabilities and issues.
  20. Mangasniko

    Mangasniko New Member

    Personally, I match up against cheaters every 2-3 games and that's really annoying. DMG's to LEM's are full with cheaters, thats why I am slowly playing CS:GO less and less...