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[POLL] Android or iOS

Discussion in 'Mobile' started by Pluto, Aug 22, 2013.

Android or iOS

  1. Android

    38 vote(s)
  2. iOS

    16 vote(s)
  1. zeedollar

    zeedollar Member

    Have used both operating platforms and though android is a more popular platform, it comes no where near IOS in terms of compactness. Again if you are concerned about security then you should stick with the IOS platform because they don't allow any poorly coded apps on their store. But in also thumbs up to both platform for leading the revolution in the mobile world.
  2. Joshmoy

    Joshmoy New Member

    I will pick the android over the ios a thousand times. Firstly, Android has more apps than ios operating system. Android has a wider range of choice of apps over the ios. Secondly, android is way cheaper than the over rated ios mobile phones. The ios also has its edges over android, such as large storage allowance and a few others.

    But even at that, I'd still choose the android over the ios, anyday, anytime.
  3. mcbryan

    mcbryan New Member

    Well based on my own experience i like Android instead of IOS. Firstly, Android support all kinds of games unlike IOS which is very strict specially when your dealing with security and factory settings. Secondly, Android is a user friendly processor and it has many free games. Lastly, Android is much cheaper rather than IOS meaning better have a chance to have the latest processor and latest model.
  4. Deathisue

    Deathisue Member

    I've always seen ios more attractive sometimes, but I've grown up with android and all its apps, ios is more stable than android i have to admit it, but android in these times is in almost all phone brands so I see it a little more popular and A little more attractive and also with a large community that improves every day the experience.
  5. Westbay

    Westbay New Member

    Android is very efficient.
  6. fishmonk

    fishmonk Member

    I love my Android due to customization. I think in terms of performance, both feels more or less the same. There are more choices for Android and I can run my emulators smoothly.
  7. aussie2

    aussie2 New Member

    I use android because it's a lot more accessible than iOS, but I would admit that iOS does have a better range of apps. I'm pretty sure android has more, but may of them are of a much lower quality than iOS. Then again, android probably still has about 95% of the good apps that iOS has so I wouldn't say the extra cost of an iphone is worth it.
  8. fireball916

    fireball916 Member

    I prefer iOS. The app are good quality, it syncs better with my other devices, and is supposed to be more secure. Android is good too but I always spend a bunch of time customizing everything and I realize I just wasted all that time for nothing. Where on iOS I choose a wallpaper for the home screen and one for the lock screen. Boom done. On Android I feel the need to customize every little detail and I just don't want to spend the time to do it.
  9. WarVet

    WarVet Member

    How do you deal with the iOS little peculiarities? I mean the charger has to be unique, you've got to update it all the time, the only way you can download stuff is through the app store and such. I have an iPhone 4s and i have to say it gets on my nerves sometimes.
  10. Soulwatcher

    Soulwatcher New Member

    I am a HUGE Android fan, I have the Samsung Galaxy S8+. And my only iPhone was the iPhone 4. I only had it a few months before I sold it and went back to Android. I just didn't care for the feel of the IOS operating system. Probably because I was so use to Android but I don't regret trying out the iPhone. :smile:
  11. fireball916

    fireball916 Member

    Well for the chargers you just buy a few of them and spread them out through the house where you need them, in the car, in your bag, at work. I'd imagine it's the same regardless of what phone charger you need. I don't consider updates to be a negative but actually a positive. I'd rather have updates to patch bugs and add features instead of having a bunch of know vulnerabilities left open. Only being able to download through the app store isn't really a problem either for me because there's already an app for pretty much everything. Only think I don't like is that iMessage can't be on other devices other than Apples. It's so convenient to text yourself something if you need it on another device or to remind yourself later of something.
  12. WarVet

    WarVet Member

    I have to disagree on the updates part. It seems they always try to fix problems but only end up creating more and more of them. The last time I tried to update my iPhone it blacked out for a day. I follow the "If it's not broken then don't fix it rule" And it applies to more of my stuff. Skype and my laptop follow the same pattern.
  13. Sunlyte

    Sunlyte New Member

    I find android much more flexible than iOS. Sure, iOS is much more secure, but I mean if you aren't constantly downloading shady looking apps and visiting shady looking websites then you should be a-OK on Android. Plus it's much easier to run emulators on android. No need to jailbreak :p
  14. Blaine019

    Blaine019 Member

    Android all the way! You can do a lot of things with this OS, for me it's like a windows version for mobile. I can do every thing I want to do, not like ios that needs jailbreaking for just simply changing a simple thing like the User Interface.
  15. Jerick Gwapo

    Jerick Gwapo New Member

    There are lots of benefits of an android device compared to iOS . iOS is too much overrated and it has limited usage compared to Android. For android, we can root our devices and we can have the freedom to do whatever in our device while in iOS that you are controlled by the Apple Company. A simple bluetooth of iOS devices can only be paired with a bluetooth of other iOS devices. Its so limited and we cant even share other stuffs with our friends, SMH .

    I am android all the way! :)
  16. giovanniiiii

    giovanniiiii Member

    I really think that Android is way more flexible and not complicated when it comes to connecting it to PC and other devices. iOS seems too restricted and it is difficult to just pass files and stuff just for emergency uses. Although the iOS interfaceis advanced and pleasing to the eyes, I'd still prefer using android. I think there are much more apps available in Play store too.
  17. lindbergh

    lindbergh Member

    I know that this is an old post, but I felt compelled to reply. This is such a popular topic. It gets asked over and over in message boards and social media. And I would like to give my opinion on this.

    I have tried both Android and iOS. I currently own a Vivo V5s and an iPad Mini. I love using both devices. But I which OS do I prefer? I slightly go with Android. It's pretty easy to connect Android to other devices (except for Apple devices). Also, I've seen that there are now more games and apps available at the Google Play Store than on Apple's App Store. Android devices could easily be customized while iOS devices are just stuck with the same look.

    Android edges out iOS in my humble opinion.
  18. damizille

    damizille New Member

    you can never compared Android and iOS especially when it comes to games, you can not compare them. Android has a lot of different games from different people unlike iOS where everything is just restricted. Google and Apple can't be compared also when it comes to games. Android is a open source operating system unlike iOS.

    Please I give it to Android over any mobile phone platform currently existing right now!
  19. gamergal

    gamergal New Member

    Android, of course. Because of the great variety of games.
  20. Jerick Gwapo

    Jerick Gwapo New Member

    This is really a great debate though we can see in here that most gamers like android. My brother uses iOS and he was once an android user. He told me iOS is also great especially apple phones have great quality. In terms of the quality and life of phone, he prefers much iOS built phones though for wide variety of games, android offers much more than iOS and in terms of phone life, many android phones are easily destroyed so a tip for us android users is to find also a good phone built with good quality for longer use.