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Is there anyone waiting for Call of Duty : World War II ?

Discussion in 'Call of Duty' started by Jack_Dan, Jul 4, 2017.

  1. Inqogn1to

    Inqogn1to New Member

    Oh nope I have not seen it yet, I'll check it out though. Lets just hope the trailer will live up to what it portrays then I guess.
  2. WildSpirit

    WildSpirit Member


    Well... I bet you'll get very excited about the game and you'll definitely want to play. The trailer is really good! :sunglasses:
    Inqogn1to likes this.
  3. Inqogn1to

    Inqogn1to New Member

    Alright so I just watched the trailer and must say it looks pretty great. They seem to have improved graphics wise also, and WW games are something I appreciate and enjoy in general. Better late then never I guess, I might just have to try this out :) before jumping for joy though. To get a feel for how the game plays game mechanics wise etc.
  4. WildSpirit

    WildSpirit Member


    I'm glat that you liked. :sunglasses: I hope you can decide to play the game when it's available. :wink:
  5. anaatef9

    anaatef9 New Member

    I have stopped playing COD ever since COD ghost and I think this COD might just be a good one, I used to love following the pro scene of COD and since COD stopped being boots on the ground it has created a random element that just makes the scene unenjoyable. I think with this call of duty the competitive scene will prosper and the community will become popular again. I just hope the game mechanics do not have RNG elements to them and the game modes are fun.
  6. djdanilo

    djdanilo New Member

    I've been waiting for this since Call of Duty 2. I've always wondered if there will be another game in the series that will bring the World War 2 setting, then this game was announced. I saw the trailer, and I must say, I was blown away. Can't wait for the release.
  7. Soulwatcher

    Soulwatcher Active Member

    I am going to wait and see what the what the reviews are. And I am going to see how my friends like it and after that if those reviews and my friends say its ok. Then I am still going to rent it and see how I like it. But other than that until the reviews are in I don't even think it's worth a rental. Because COD has gone steadily downhill since the days of COD4.