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call of duty

  1. Smokey

    Black Ops 4 hype?

    Anyone else hyped for Black Ops 4? I'm curious to see how it plays with the game mechanic changes they've made in terms of healing and the 'class' system. It looks great but we'll have to wait til August to try the beta. Treyarch hasn't disappointed yet so I'm hoping that trend sticks with this...
  2. pizzalover

    Is Destiny Better Than Call Of Duty?

    Some people had told that Destiny is better but, some other people don't. I don't know which is better, I will appreciate your opinion and experiences.
  3. Jack_Dan

    Is there anyone waiting for Call of Duty : World War II ?

    As a fan of Call of Duty series and the FPS game lover, I'm eagerly waiting for the next installment of my favorite FPS game series. So the consoles will be XBOX ONE and PS4, which I don't own (I have PS3). I guess I'm going to play on my PC then. Is there anyone waiting for this installment of...