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Free Mobile Games

Discussion in 'Mobile' started by Fry, Dec 28, 2016.

  1. Fry

    Fry Active Member

    Any suggestions for free mobile games?
  2. Referal

    Referal Active Member

    Modern Combat 5
  3. Corzhens

    Corzhens New Member

    If you are using an Android phone, you can go to the Play Store and make a search. Sometimes there are games that are not very popular which you may like. For one, I found Word Academy which was a good brain exerciser. I just did some searching with no direction until the app appeared curious to me. After downloading and testing, it looked good so it stayed in my phone for a time. It's good to play when there is no internet.
  4. Skybandino

    Skybandino New Member

    Clash Royale is a game that I play consistently when I have some down time. Its a game where you have lanes where you send units down. So kind of like a tower defense. The game has strategic depth and ridiculous units that make it fun. In have it on my android but I'm sure its on other platforms as well.
  5. ValX

    ValX New Member

    A free mobile game that I recently play a lot is Mobile Legends. I play it every time I have some time to spend. It's a MOBA game, a game something like DOTA or Warcraft 3. I also am playing some idle games such as Deep Town where you have to mine down and build things as you get rich. Tiny Gladiators is also a game I play a lot recently, it's a 1v1 2D arena game, something like Tekken but is way lighter and have many levels to beat. Note that all of these are Android games that I don't know if it exists on other platforms or not.
  6. Gladdy

    Gladdy Member

    You should give us a bit more information because there's literally hundreds of free games on the app store. Maybe what sort of games you would enjoy?

    The best free mobile games for me personally are: Clash of Clans, Candy Crush Saga, Injustice 2, Super Mario Run, Heartstone.
    These are all very different genres and each offers you something different. I suggest you try a few and see how you like them. I just hope that your phone is good enough to run them and be careful about getting addicted, haha :)
  7. overcast

    overcast Member

    I think you have plenty of the options out there. Make sure you follow some specific niche search though. Because let's say you like tower defense types games then you have options like - desktop defense, plants vs zombies. Then you have scrolling shooter like nun attacks.And also there are games like Angry birds. So you have options here. Just make sure you don't download game with too many upsales inside.
  8. Ipa07

    Ipa07 New Member

    My favorite free games for iOS/Android is FIFA 17. It's really similar to the PC/Console version since it has same game modes but obviously it doesn't have such good graphics. I played a lot of Ultimate Team on it in the last year.
  9. EJ Burg

    EJ Burg New Member

    Space Surfer. a really fun 3D game in which you should dodge lasers and closing doors to get to the finish line. It's racing with a space ship, i'm currently playing this game and I'm so obsessed with it. I'll recommend it to anyone.
  10. Empire

    Empire Member

    I'm not much of an mobile gamer yet there are allot that's free like "Angry birds" that I really liked.

    Also when I do look at what games that I like I try and look for Xbox games that offer achievements so that I get points to my account
  11. Mattmattics

    Mattmattics New Member

    Injustice. They updated the app game for the release of the Second console game. It's a fun fighting game and has a deep roster.
  12. Mattmattics

    Mattmattics New Member

    Yeah, Angry Birds is a good way to when it comes to free games. It became a worldwide phenomenon for good reason. Those games are just so lively.
  13. Mattmattics

    Mattmattics New Member

    That sounds pretty wild, a closing door in a racing game! How does that work? Is it like a slipstream. I have to find this game and check it out.
  14. EJ Burg

    EJ Burg New Member

    Yeah, That was the word I was looking for "WILD" haha. I currently play it on IOS but i'm pretty sure it's also available on the Google PlayStore.
    But anyway Yea go find it and check it out!
  15. Mattmattics

    Mattmattics New Member

    Apple App store! Say no more this free game will be mine!!!
    EJ Burg likes this.
  16. BeardedMamba

    BeardedMamba New Member

    It depends on what kind of game that you like, when you go to the play store or app store, you can go to the free category and sort them by top 100, most downloaded and highest rated, usually popular games are there.
  17. Javo1096

    Javo1096 New Member

    Hearthstone is a very good option if you like card games, the UI for the mobile app it's pretty well made, has some little issues but nothing too big of a deal. One of the best free games you can find to play on a phone if you ask me.
  18. Neiltarquin

    Neiltarquin Member

    Go to your apps store and key in the type of game you like to play. The app store will provide you suggested app to play. I can tell you a hundred games tobtry but if that's not your thing, its just not a good advice.
  19. msyukionna

    msyukionna New Member

    It depends on what you are looking for in a mobile game and how you usually play it. Online / Offline? Standing / Sitting? As a time filler / As a complete replacement of your gaming experience?

    Classics such as Angry Bird and Candy Crush are classics for a reason. They are addictive and quick to play. You can stop at any time and have no obligation to play for long hours (though you always will end up doing that) or to remain connected to the internet, which makes it perfect to be played "on the go" - while you wait for the bus, or on the train, or on the potty :tongueclosed:.

    For something to play that is more sit-down-to-play you can try some MMORPG. I've tried Arcane Legends for a while and found it quite entertaining. Unfortunately, my hardware is not built for that type of gaming on my phone. Adventure Quest is cross platform (PC/Mobile) if you would like to try that. Mobile MMORPG are still quite buggy most of the time, though, but good if you're into MMO like me.

    If you really want to piss yourself off, try games like Temple Run, 2048 that has absolutely no point to it except to beat previous score over and over and over again. You'll be surprised at how effective that is to keep you hooked.

    Some interesting games I've played before: Hardest Game Ever, Zomble Smasher, Crime Scene.
  20. arachnophobik

    arachnophobik New Member

    Modern Combat 5 is amazing. I'm glad they've decided to make it free unlike it's predecessors. The single player mode in Modern Combat 5 isn't as amazing as Modern Combat 4 in my opinion, but the multiplayer is definitely better. You can't auto aim in multiplayer mode every time you hit the aim button too so it's pretty balanced. It's not my favorite in the series, but I guess I can't deny that for a free game, it's the closest I could get.