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Favorite PC Game Genre?

Discussion in 'PC' started by Guardian, May 8, 2012.

  1. pauldox3

    pauldox3 New Member

    Probably MOBA cause i invested the most time and money on it and i feel like it's the most difficult to master because of how the game changes every few days or weeks. Moba is also my favorite because it's the genre that im best at. I also like fps but i feel like it doesnt have that much replayabity because the in game scenarios doesnt differ that much from each individu games which makes it boring when you're playing it hours on end. The genre that i dont like the most is peolly MMO because it's to time consuming and skills are only second to time spent and (on some mmo's) money spent which make it (In my opinion) unfair for other players who cant commit thqt much on a game.
  2. James Arthur

    James Arthur New Member

    I love simulation games. I find it exciting to be out into the shoes of a real life job you have to preform
  3. fishmonk

    fishmonk Member

    What type of simulation games. Do you mean games like Farming Simulator ? I like my Football Manager simulation games as I enjoy football and love to build my theoretical football team. Tweaking tactics is also pretty fun for me.
  4. TsuyoyRival

    TsuyoyRival Member

    MOBA is probably my favorite nowadays, but i also like RPG, so if you ask me to choose between The Elder Scroll Skyrim and League of Legends, i will have a hard time choosing :p
  5. djdanilo

    djdanilo New Member

    My favorites are RPG, FPS and RTS games. If I had to choose one, I would go for RPG. My favorite game of this genre is Skyrim. Played Oblivion before it, also loved the games like Risen, Arcania series, Divinity series, there are a lot more, but can't remember right now.
  6. Vatroslav

    Vatroslav New Member

    Adventure games and RPG. I like adventures because I feel like I'm in that world and I get to feel that world through the hero's eyes. RPG games offer that incredible feeling of the great and epic journey - from chasing boars to killing dragons. That is why "Lord of the Rings" has always reminded me of an epic RPG. :)
  7. peachpurple

    peachpurple New Member

    I am a huge fan of Bigfish games. Although the games downloaded are limited to a period of time then have to purchase it in order to continue playing, I don't mind playing different games after the period ends. Time management game is my favorite genre. One of my favorite is Gardenscape, there are 2-3 version but I prefer the first version. I love to search for the items listed by the side either the words indicated or the picture of the items, then I get to buy things for my garden, I love the background music too.
  8. Bayoneutra

    Bayoneutra New Member

    I'm not much of a PC gamer, but when I do I tend to go indie, I really like them a lot and the weirder and more artistic it looks, the better.

    As for genre in specific, I'd say I really like rhythm, strategy and simulation.

    And visual novels, I really like visual novels you guys, you have no idea. I live and die for complex plots, and if they involve crime-solving all the better...
  9. augusta

    augusta New Member

    I will definitely go with adventure and one man shooter.
  10. Clara1993

    Clara1993 New Member

    My Favorite pc game is racing games, This can be car racing, Bicycle racing or track racing games, Those are the kind of games I like to play on PC; However I also play others like building empires, tennis games ... but when I think of playing a game on Pc I think of racing one, and then later I change from one to another lol.
  11. fishmonk

    fishmonk Member

    Do you play Need For Speed? What tennis PC games do you play? I have not found any great tennis games for PC so far.
  12. Clara1993

    Clara1993 New Member

    Heeey Fishmonk, Yesss I play Need for speed most wanted woow you know it?? It's one of my favorites, And yes there are amazing PC teniss games like Virtual tennis game 4, top spin which is old but still rock for me you can try the two and you'll tell me what you think.