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Are games better with or without clans?

Discussion in 'Clans & Guilds' started by Ghost, Aug 9, 2012.

  1. mcbryan

    mcbryan New Member

    For my own experience games are better if you're a member of the clan. Aside from help and team effort you can get from them it will develop your positive skills. A good example of these positive skills I'm talking about is cooperation. Once you're in a clan you need to cooperate so that your group or clan may win the game. If your self-centered person, you should not join any clan because you just ruin the value of a clan. Another skill that may develop once you're in a clan is a good follower. There's a saying a good leader is a good follower.
  2. wizrocker

    wizrocker Member

    I'ts more fun when your in a clan rather than not in one. Why Because Clan mates can help you in all the problem in game they are like your family that you can rely whenever .
  3. fishmonk

    fishmonk Member

    It's better to be part of a guild when you are playing online games especially MMORPGs. However, you need to commit time and be a responsible clan members. Certain games have more features to encourage competition between clans as well.
  4. Soulwatcher

    Soulwatcher New Member

    Games are better with clans or guilds. But the hardest part is finding a good one and when you do find a good one. You have to hope that drama is not going to tear it apart. I have seen so many good guilds go down in flames over senseless drama.
  5. Pink_Turtle

    Pink_Turtle New Member

    I agree with you! Sometimes it's great and even necesary to team up but sometime not so much. I really like working in teams but sometimes I just can't handle people at all lol so I just rather go solo sometimes...I don't know if that makes me a bit bipolar or not, but it'll just depend on my mood !
    Jog likes this.
  6. Jog

    Jog Active Member Community Supervisor

    No it's honestly just your mood. Take for example Planetside 2. Great game that you can play with a clan (called an "Outfit" Ingame) or go solo. So realistically it does come to mood in addition to the game mechanics and play-ability.
    Pink_Turtle likes this.
  7. ballyhara

    ballyhara New Member

    Joining a clan definitively, you can learn from the others there and improve your gaming, the only issue is to make sure all in the clan will go further with the same goal, sometimes some members just stop or disappear and you get stuck in the game, shame!
  8. Jerick Gwapo

    Jerick Gwapo New Member

    For sure, it is more fun to be in a clan. There is fun and interaction when you have a clan. The chat and message exchanges in the clan chat is fun and its a great way to meet other friends from around the globe also. I have a clanmate who is from Australia and Ireland and its really fun and amazing to meet other people though clan chatting. Belongingness to a clan is a good one and once you know each other, its just like having a family out there.
  9. Pink_Turtle

    Pink_Turtle New Member

    I liked what you said about meeting people from other parts of the globe! it's true. Gaming gives you literally a world of possibilities when it comes to knowing other people, especially if you speak the most common tongue – english I think- interacting with other cultures through the clan can also give you some others perspectives about gaming in general.
  10. Jerick Gwapo

    Jerick Gwapo New Member

    It is true ;) The more we interact then the more we can learn. I have clan mates who are in higher league than I am, they are older and pro in the game. The more we chat, then the more tips I get from them. Its a great way to improve ourselves on the game we are in. And especially, there is also the care and love you'll feel whenever you are chatting with your clan mates. We even involve talks about our family and our job, its a good way of getting to know more about them.
  11. Pink_Turtle

    Pink_Turtle New Member

    Definitely talking about your family and job will bond the group more and more until they become a sort of weird family xD. You are right! They also can give you really great advices when it comes to gaming and that's the ultimate point -apart from sharing- when it comes to it.
  12. Referal

    Referal Active Member

    I pefer Games without Clans as it gets a bit too demanding from members if you are in a Clan if you are not active they start to be aggressive towards you and try to ban or kick if you can't follow that rule or even chat with them like a lot so I prefer to say without a clan. Unless like I love playing a game and always on its mostly mobile I would probably be in a Clan cause you can take your phone anywhere you go even in the washroom and outside in the car etc.