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  1. LeeLeakey

    Who's your favorite player in Diablo?

    account for the reason why.. Thanks
  2. LeeLeakey

    Who's your favorite player in this game? Name your favorite part in this game?

    It might be as well as dead!
  3. LeeLeakey

    Who developed the/this game? which year did it become well known?

    I'd like to know?
  4. LeeLeakey

    What's the new version of Need For Speed

    other than carbon, underground, shift, help me fill the list..
  5. LeeLeakey

    I also need to know why CoD is always underrated.. 1reason?

    Hilarious this sounds!
  6. LeeLeakey

    How are the rates of Diablo 3?? (over /ten)

    i like it's reviews online.. any ideas?
  7. LeeLeakey

    How much can u rate destiny over ten(/10)?

    Please tell me 7,8,9..:tearsofjoy::tearsofjoy::tearsofjoy::tearsofjoy:
  8. LeeLeakey

    Rate Minecraft out of 10? i need to know before i download it..please

    hopeful it's over 6