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witch is better?

Discussion in 'Specific Platform Games' started by sage12, Jul 25, 2012.

  1. sage12

    sage12 New Member

    Witch do you think is better Xbox or Playstation? I think i prefer Xbox's because they seem to be faster! What do you think?
  2. Ghost

    Ghost New Member

    I always went with Xboxes because back in the day Playstation was more of a console for sporty games. I was more into first person shooters, etc thus I bought the 360 not the PS__ (whatever the version was at the time)

    It was definitely a good choice :) But the red ring of death was annoying.
  3. Demon_skeith

    Demon_skeith Member

    Can't really say since I've never played Xbox, but I've been very happy with Playstation so far.
  4. 22_22

    22_22 Member

    Same here but the other way around console wise (for me) :)
  5. James

    James New Member

    Playstation 3.

    I think both consoles have great exclusives, but I grew up with a Playstation 2 so I'm more familiar with the Playstation mascots.

    I don't like paying to play online with the 360. I rarely play it anymore.
  6. thepostman

    thepostman New Member

    I have both and play both for the exclusives each have. Though if a game is console only and on both, I usually choose the xbox, just easier to get started up and into the game most of the time.
  7. Many people have their own perspective's on this but I personally think the Xbox 360.
  8. StolenKid

    StolenKid New Member

    I think PlayStation, but that's my opinion, I like it because it has better exclusives and better specs on it also, I think it has a better interface, just my opinion.
  9. Soulwatcher

    Soulwatcher New Member

    Well in my opinion Playstation is by far better then Xbox. Playstation hands down has far better exclusives and again in my opinion a far better built console. My only serious complaint about the Playstation is they are not getting the "Better Together Update" for Minecraft. I want to be able to Access Minecraft PE on my PS4. I don't want to have to play Minecraft on my PC or phone all the time. Other than that I have no complaints!
  10. zeedollar

    zeedollar Member

    Playstation has evolved over the years and has certainly become a better platform than xbox, at least to me. Or maybe because i play mostly on playstation than on xbox. The PS4 is certainly a monster in its own right and would trade it for any xbox.
  11. Jameson

    Jameson New Member

    I have played both consoles and I think they're both awesome.Although if I had to pick one I'd say PlayStation. I grew up playing with this console,and I am most familiar with it.
  12. OursIsTheFury

    OursIsTheFury Active Member

    I grew up with a PS1 and PS2 so I can't really be objective here for Xbox stuff. I've never tried them, and I've always had a great time with the Playstation console. From the games, the performance, to the controller designs themselves; it's been a staple for my childhood and even now I have a DS4 controller that can be used for my PC if I ever want to run emulators for old Playstation games. It's pretty fun and my mind's kinda in-tune with the button placement and position of the PS controller that I can probably still activate the GTA San Andreas cheat codes I've used as a kid.
  13. giovanniiiii

    giovanniiiii Member

    I grew up playing with Playstation1, Playstation2, and even PSP! What made me love playing Playstation consoles is because of the number of available games at the time of PS2. There are just a lot of high quality games in terms of graphics and game developers use this console platform to show what they have to offer. Although I love Playstation, my latest console is the Xbox 360 and it's actually not bad either.