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Why I Think Gtav Was A Flop

Discussion in 'Grand Theft Auto' started by Decypher, Aug 25, 2017.

  1. Decypher

    Decypher New Member

    GTA V PS4 update:
    Sadly after the disappointment that was gta v on ps3 I purchased the remastered version
    on ps4. Now, let me start off by saying that visually the game is
    amazing and they really did improve a lot of visual aspects of the game
    such as draw distance, fine detail and increased foliage and wild life
    such as a larger array of dogs and even cats and birds. however there
    improvements doesn't go past that, the game still feels very flat and
    stale and maybe I was wrong to expect this but the city is exactly the
    same with not one single addition in landscape or building,

    The City:
    Soooooooo much space is wasted in this game it's ridiculous, half the map is taken up by mountains and other places that you only really venture to once. In the map there are two mountains, a swamp, deserts a sea and an ocean, a wind farm but only
    ONE enterable venue within the city where you actually spend the majority of your playing time... The hood is even more of a joke as it looks bizarre and unlike any part of the real south central in LA. The projects and individual buildings were modelled from south central LA but the actual layout of South central Los Santos is alien with streets
    laid out in almost what looks like loops and curves instead of the straight blocks that you see in South Central. Where are the rows upon rows of houses seen in movies such as Friday or Boyz In Hood? Instead we have several neighbourhoods that are made up of literally ONE street such as Chamberlain Hills and Rancho were you find yourself driving up and down Forum Drive Or up and down Jamestown Street, Forum Drive and Chamberlain Hills are basically the same exact thing which is lazy in my
    opinion Forum drive should be one of the several streets within Chamberlain Hills same way Jamestown Street should be one of the several streets within Rancho except what we see is Jamestown and Rancho are basically synonymous. If the designer wasn't bothered to put more effort into Rancho they should have just made the entire neighbourhood a housing project like they did with the South Eastern portion of rancho that way the area would have more of a hood like feel instead of feeling like a last minute street that was quickly added on.

    Police helicopter:

    Whoever thought it was a good idea to design the police to shoot at you from a helicopter is a retard, it completely strips the game from any realism and enjoyment. The constant sound of bullets ricochetting off my car from the police chopper drives me insane and ruins the chance to enjoy a realistic police chase.

    Lack of Revolvers:

    Out of all the guns they have released since it's release on ps3 in 2013 and it's release on ps4 in 2014 we are yet to see a single revolver, now I know there will be people out there like whoa picky much? But you have to understand the arsenal of weapons they have decided to release instead of a revolver including a firework launcher, Ray/Laser Gun, musket, Torch light, Taser and a can of gasoline proven useless if not shot to ignite but not one single revolver...correct me if I'm wrong butI think there has ever only been one revolver made since GTA III and that was the modified revolver with the scope that you get in Vice City
    apart from that it's been a revolver drought.

    All in all the game had the opportunity to be the greatest GTA to date but instead I think they focused on providing activities for every type of person to enjoy instead of focusing on what made the GTA series good in the past and how to bring those improvements into the next gen console.
  2. Thrall

    Thrall Active Member

    Not to mention the absolute annoyance of GTA Online where you are forced to sit and wait in a lobby if you're not doing the mindless free-roam part.
  3. Fallenpyro418 (Sparks)

    Fallenpyro418 (Sparks) Community Supervisor Community Supervisor Forum Administrator

    I can understand where you're coming from with this post. In comparison to San Andreas which is arguably the best GTA in history GTA V lacks so much when you put the two side by side.
  4. PorkTornado

    PorkTornado New Member

    Can't you mod it to have the stuff you want? Didn't anyone make stuff like bars where you can play pool and stuff?
  5. Ash

    Ash New Member

    They actually added a revolver in one of the recent updates. I think they added quite a few actually so you should be happy about that. I am quite disappointed with the map as well, to be honest. It was great at the start to be fair and it was so large that there was almost always something that I would see that I hadn't just seen before. But now it's just a bit boring and actually quite small. It would be great if they could bring a new update which added some new islands which we could fly to or drive to. I mean, I would pay to get a DLC that added some new areas to the game which would be so much fun.
  6. Referal

    Referal Well-Known Member

    GTA V was a Flop or Flip LOL but I don't think it was a bad game on Xbox or PS4 its just lags on PC Steam tbh but if it was terrible game they won't be making GTA 6 won't they