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Why do you think Minecraft has become so popular?

Discussion in 'Minecraft' started by Luke Martin, Oct 30, 2014.

  1. ProNine

    ProNine New Member

    In my opinion, the player has control over what he wants to do. You can direct it either in pvp, creativity, plain survival, etc..
    RUTHLESS likes this.

    RUTHLESS New Member

    Oh yeah, definitely! Total control is a perk you don't have in very many games anymore.
  3. Michael

    Michael Active Member

    How simple it is.
  4. Martin

    Martin Member

    Its something everyone can enjoy no matter the age, has practically endless possibilities through the free placement of blocks and mods and there is a huge opportunity to play with friends. It never really gets old.
  5. Michael

    Michael Active Member

    I feel that Minecraft got so popular because of how simple the game is and that it is family friendly and it is never ending. You can relive your childhood on a video game and be as creative as you want to be. It gets old after a while but you know perfect for the kids right?
  6. ProNine

    ProNine New Member

    i would simply relate due to the freedom of choices that can be made in the game. You choose what you do and what happens next.
  7. Kino

    Kino New Member

    It's something completely new and so fun. I think its a game that finally reaches into every single age group as something that is playable.
  8. Honeymoon

    Honeymoon New Member

    I believe it has something to do with the fact that the game appeals to both the younger and the older generation.
    Kids are generally very imaginative, and Minecraft is the perfect platform for them to unleash their creativity. It has no boundaries, the sky is quite literally the limit and creativity matters more than ever. That's why they tend to flock to games like Minecraft. Roblox is another good example. Some adults are also very creative and the game appeals to them for the very same reason. I'm one of them.

    I'm probably generalizing too much but that's basically the underline.
  9. Nemto Tadak

    Nemto Tadak New Member

    Minecraft sparks imagination and fuels creativity. Not only can one explore vast worlds and various landscapes, but there are hidden surprises and dangers lurking around every corner. It is really addictive because there is a certain adrenaline rush when you are trying to escape the zombies, skeletons, witches, and creepers!

    I like the way the game teaches children to depend on the resources at hand for survival. I can tell my son has learned a lot about making do and scouting for supplies.

    Inventory control is also a huge part of Minecraft and that is a valuable concept for kids to learn. Kids also learn the value of time, as you only have ten minutes to secure wood, build a shelter, acquire food, etc., before night falls and creepy spiders and hostiles come looking for you.

    The franchise has spawned many music videos, toys, and apparel items that help keep kids and adults alike "in the game!" It is a five star game!
  10. ProNine

    ProNine New Member

    I think one of the reasons it is so popular is because it is limitless. Anyone from any age can join to do whatever they want. Young kids can play it and build their tiny little builds and kill non traumatisering monsters. Adults can buy the game for their kids and not worry about a thing as it's completely safe even if left alone. Above that, the parents can also join on the fun and play together which gives the family some bonding time. Some teenagers can play on multiplayer servers in various gamemodes with friends to fulfill various goals or even play together on a local server on a modpack. Honestly, if you're bored, you can just start a new world and let your imagination run wild.
  11. bleblanc10

    bleblanc10 New Member

    I can easily see how it would appeal to kids because It is like playing with legos except you have an unlimited amount. And it would appeal to older people because everybody loves legos they just don't play with them anymore because it is frowned upon. Minecraft is great!
  12. JusApee

    JusApee New Member

    It became so popular because of the fun it brings. You can do a lot, regardless of your age, and not get bored. I did a lot of Pixel Arts in Minecraft which took from 3 to 6 hours each. That time is gone, though, and now college takes most of my time. The freedom of choice: survival of creative is the thing that makes Minecraft so popular. Oh! Let's not forget the modding community which lets people contribute to the Minecraft experience with custom mods and experiences. I think there's a mod for pretty much anything in Minecraft right now, from adding clothes and cars, to making families with villagers and also having babies.
  13. Kelly1

    Kelly1 New Member

    Twо wоrds: infinitе pоssibilitiеs. Еvеry timе yоu stаrt а nеw "gаmе," yоu аrе drоppеd intо а rаndоmly-gеnеrаtеd wоrld thаt, if sсаlеd, wоuld bе 8 timеs lаrgеr thаn thе surfасе оf еаrth! Thаt's а lоt оf spасе tо еxplоrе--bоth аbоvе grоund аnd dееp bеlоw it. Yоu bеgin with аbsоlutеly nоthing. Nо tооls, nо shеltеr, nоt еvеn а sеnsе оf dirесtiоn. Whаt yоu dо аnd whеrе yоu gо frоm thеrе is соmplеtеly up tо yоu (if yоu саn survivе thе night). Hоw сооl is thаt??
    Thе wоrlds оf Minесrаft аrе full оf surprisеs. Thеrе аrе rivеrs аnd lаkеs, mоuntаins аnd vаllеys, wаtеrfаlls аnd lаvа flоws, fоrеsts аnd dеsеrts, аnd sо muсh mоrе оut thеrе sоmеwhеrе tо bе disсоvеrеd аnd еxplоrеd. Nаturаl саvеs wаit tо bе fоund аnd sоmе оf thеm liе bеnеаth thе surfасе just wаiting fоr yоu tо ассidеntаlly dig intо thеm. оh yеаh, аnd mоst оf thеm hаvе things in thеm thаt will kill yоu. Try wаndеring intо оnе withоut а tоrсh tо sее hоw wеll this gаmе triggеrs yоur fеаr rеspоnsе.
  14. anadrotowski

    anadrotowski New Member

    I think that the family aspect of it is really appealing to most parents, as well as the fact that many YouTube stars playing Minecraft so long and the rest of publicity from the internet really helped it skyrocket.
  15. fl1pz

    fl1pz New Member

    The main reason why Minecraft is extremely popular is because of flexible the game can get. There is so much space for creativity and enjoyment. What makes Minecraft even better are the variety of mods. Mods basically lets the community add whatever they want to the game, which is just crazy. What other game can do it as best as Minecraft?
  16. valy

    valy New Member

    I guess that Minecraft has become so popular because children started to love it so much, they assimilated this game with Lego and cartoons. After that it was easy to make all as Minecraft bloks, for example are toys, pillows, blankets, t-shirts, etc. The Minecraft popularity brought more players for this game, beacuse all want to play a popular game....look what happened with PokemonGo.
  17. OursIsTheFury

    OursIsTheFury Active Member

    I think it's because it was different. The blocky graphics reminiscent of 80s arcade games, with first person modes as well as an open world environment, really made a big impact on players who saw it for the first time. It also unleashed the player's creativity via the building blocks, where players through the years have created entire cities, recreated paintings in pixel form, and anything and everything under the sun. It has a high learning curve but the rewards are worth it in my opinion.
  18. Ferns

    Ferns New Member

    I would liken Minecraft to the equivalent of a modern day Lego. While Lego blocks are immensely fun, they can be quite expensive, not to mention a spatial limit if you aim to create a large piece of structure. Minecraft, on the other hand, eliminates both of these issues in a clean sweep. Anyone can build something as large as an entire city in the game, without forking out money to procure all the required material in real life, which is beyond impressive. It deserves to be popular for this alone.
  19. OursIsTheFury

    OursIsTheFury Active Member

    You're right. It's basically virtual lego, only you don't run out of pieces and you don't step on them accidentally. That's a good way of looking at it; it's a building game where you are only limited by your imagination and the effort you put into building it. I think my brothers would like that type of game since they're into building things for a long time.
  20. WildSpirit

    WildSpirit Member

    To be honest, I have no idea why this game has become so popular. I mean, the game is kinda cool and interesting but it's not THAT game (if you know what I mean). I think the hype related to this game is too high for a low performance.