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Who Is Your Main On Smash Bros?

Discussion in 'Nintendo' started by PenguinManiac, Aug 13, 2017.

  1. PenguinManiac

    PenguinManiac Member

    Title. If you have played several Smash games, just name all of your mains (as in, character you play the most as/know how to use better) and even secondaries.
    Back in the days, I used to main Kirby on Brawl, but once I moved to 3DS/Wii U I started to play as different characters, and ultimately settled on Mega Man (couldn't help it :p). I've played some Fox on both games, though.
  2. IwantCookies

    IwantCookies New Member

    I thought People where going to call me crazy for using Kirby, and then, BAM! OP's choice used to be Kirby. I couldn't help but love that tiny pink ball that could turn into a rock! I still use Kirby, but I want to change to another character. I will have to do some soul searching and practicing movements with the rest tho. :p
  3. Referal

    Referal Active Member

    I liked all but if I had pick one I used to go with Megaman or Goku or Sirus or whatever that character name is as I feel they are more powerful Kirby would have been my last option as he just copies other characters powers and uses it against them which is fine but I prefer going Super Sayain then any of that.