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Who is Your Favorite Hero

Discussion in 'Defense of the Ancients' started by cyberpinoy, Dec 10, 2014.

  1. Deen

    Deen New Member

    I break things down by my level of enjoyability for the character, and viability in the meta. Used to play 76 pre-nerf cause I got moderate enjoyability+viability from him. Now I play a lot of Cree even though I get low enjoyability (his movement speed is why I dont enjoy him) from playing him, he has high viability. Also started playing Tracer again I get high enjoyability and moderate viability.
  2. Chinatown88

    Chinatown88 New Member

    I like to farm until 3AM
  3. valy

    valy New Member

    I am not such a lover of heroes in the games, but if i should pick one i would choose Spiderman, because he is funny, and the best known hero besides Batman. What i like to this hero is that you can find him in a variety of games, as logic games, action games, kissing game, etc.
  4. m33kuh

    m33kuh Member

    I have answered a similar question here in our forums about this, which was Slark. But I guess my 2nd favorite hero would be Bloodseeker. Man he is unstoppable if you know to use him in the early games. He is very good to making a lot of space for your team. Once he gets his ultimate, you can like solo kill anyone on the map. And when the enemy has low hp, he can run super fast and kill them with a couple of hits because of his 3rd skill. But he has some counters, like TP scroll. So you better use him carefully. :)
  5. fishmonk

    fishmonk Member

    I love Bloodseeker too. I feel that Bloodseeker enjoys fights where he is not the main target. He is excellent at cleaning up kills. I find it a pain against teams with many disables. There is a possibility of the enemy surviving on a sliver of HP while you get chain-stunned and damaged to death.
  6. m33kuh

    m33kuh Member

    Right. That's why you must have euls at the early game. Or get radiance as fast as you can. Bloodseeker is a pretty sick hero in my opinion. I've always encountered that, enemy surviving for like 5 or 50 hp. And it sucks. That was free gold lost. :D
  7. fishmonk

    fishmonk Member

    Yeah. The hero is pretty versatile. There is the option to play as right-clicker or magical burst bloodseeker depending on the opposing heroes. It is best to have some heroes with crowd control ability to go along with Bloodseeker.
    m33kuh likes this.
  8. Blaine019

    Blaine019 Member

    Priestess of the Moon (Mirana) all the way !! Since she came out in DotA I've been playing her until now in dota 2. I love how my arrow hits my enemy from afar dealing decent damage and stuns the enemy up to 5 seconds. The best thing about her for me is her ultimate skill called "Moonlight Shadow", you can use it as an offensive or defensive skill depending on the situation.
    yoyoalben0 likes this.
  9. yoyoalben0

    yoyoalben0 New Member

    Call me a common player, i like Pudge more than any hero. For me pudge was really versatile in early games. once you grasp how to use pudge, you'll dominate the match in no time. Hook was a game changer too, if you stack up flesh heap in early game, your pudge will be unstoppable. Thats IF you can dominate early game. There are various heroes that can counter pudge, like PL and some heroes that has illusions, i hate it when you hook illusions, i will make you look like a 500 mmr player
    Blaine019 likes this.
  10. amine erraji

    amine erraji Member

    My favorite hero in dota is Invoker, i mean he's the best against all hero's he can disarm, stun, burn mana and the sun strike damage is over powerd, the thing i like more about him he's lore it's very interessting and the deversity of he's spell make's him very hard to master you need to practice every day to try to master it, for me i don't see my self pro at invoker but atleast i can do something.
    Invoker is really fun to play him.
  11. fishmonk

    fishmonk Member

    Invoker is a complex hero. I have seen many players who are able to invoke spells but fail to use the spells efficiently during a teamfight.A good invoker is really a menace to deal during late game stages.
    amine erraji likes this.
  12. forumheem

    forumheem New Member

    My favorite hero is Invoker because I've always liked to play complicated champions and he is I think unarguably the most complicated one in DOTA.
  13. Hikin33t

    Hikin33t Member

    My favourite is Invoker, too. So much so that when I used to spam DotA all day, it was basically Invoker only. I think that the fact he was so hard to play attracted me to him and I fell in love. If someone takes Invoker first, I just random.

    Also, I like Shadowfiend. Because he's a boss.
  14. leeyong

    leeyong New Member

    2012 was the last time I played DOTA, not the DOTA 2 which I often hear right now. So basically it was the older version. I am not a master in playing the game, but during that time, I play the game very often that is why I have tried all the heroes.

    But my favorite one, which I would usually pick was Witch Doctor. I guess he is a support type of hero, but he can be very deadly too, given the right timing and item. I especially liked the combo of cask, then maledict, then ward, certainly very powerful and fatal. Somehow, I began to master playing the character, and began joining multi-player games. I found him very useful during clashes as not only is he deadly, but he can also support with the use of his healing skill.