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While gaming on your PC, do you prefer your Computer Keyboard or using a Usb Game Pad

Discussion in 'General Gaming' started by Thammy, Jul 26, 2017.

  1. Thammy

    Thammy New Member

    I do prefer using an actual game pad. It's convenient to use and i could switch body positions while gaming. Those who'll go for their computer keyboard are the real MVPs* lol
  2. PenguinManiac

    PenguinManiac Member

    And here I thought us keyboard gamers were such common blokes. I'm no special snowflake, really.
    I sit for way too many hours a day, so I definitely need to keep a decent posture if I don't want my back to fail me in a few years. Sitting properly is not as bad as it sounds, you know? Using a keyboard and a mouse feels pretty natural to me. On the other hand, using a controller isn't very comfortable, since I'm resting my elbows on the desk, so I need to push my seat back a little to use it. Once you move away, it's only natural to start moving around, so it's better not to give in to temptation at all.
  3. Hux

    Hux Head Forum Admin Forum Administrator

    I hate using a game pad, unless I'm playing a racing game. I'm much better at using mouse and keyboard and I find it so difficult to play any game on game pads, especially first person shooters!
    Gladdy likes this.
  4. Gladdy

    Gladdy Member

    When I am on my computer I always prefer using the keyboard and my mouse... especially if it's while playing an FPS game. My aim is terrible with the gamepad. I love how fast you can move your mouse to adjust your aim and it feels far more ''real'' to me. It's also true that I am very used to it so I find the gaming pad much harder. The only time that I do switch over to the pad is if I play games like racing or sports.. or maybe a very chilled offline RPG.
  5. reginafalange

    reginafalange New Member

    I always use my computer keyboard. I am used to it and it's pretty comfortable for me. I don't know if it would be easy for me to get accustomed to a game pad while playing on my PC. I like game pads when I play games on PlayStation.
  6. djdanilo

    djdanilo New Member

    I only use gamepads and joysticks, if I'm playing sport games, like Pro Evolution Soccer, FIFA, NBA and I used them when playing some racing games, that was before I got my steering wheel. For everything else I use my computer keyboard, I don't know if I could ever play an FPS game on a gamepad, but thats just me :smirk:.
  7. Soulwatcher

    Soulwatcher New Member

    I prefer using a Xbox 1 S controller. You're far better off using a controller and not beating your head off the desk because the PC controls are so bad. These days almost every game on PC is a console port and the PC controls are atrocious.
  8. ZXD22

    ZXD22 Member

    Depends. For fighting and racing games I'd much rather use a gaming pad and a driving wheel respectively. When it comes to FPS, I use my gaming keyboard. There are uses for everything haha!
  9. pauldox3

    pauldox3 New Member

    Really depends on the game. Fighting games are really good to be played with gamepads. First person shooters however should be exclusively played using a mouse and keyboard. MMO's could be played with either depending on what you're more comfortable with. MOBAs should also be exclusively played with a mouse and keyboard but i guess it would be fun to play with a gamepad just for the sake of having a fun and different experience
  10. victorslide05

    victorslide05 Member

    I make use of game pads,its very simple and has less buttons.I have been playing PlayStation for quite a long time,so game pad is very simple for me.
    I dislike using keyboard because need for speed spoilt my direction button on my keyboard.
    I only make use of mouse to change views.
  11. tinrmz15

    tinrmz15 New Member

    It depends on what type of game you will play. I use game pads when playing NBA 2k17, modern combat, resident evil, assassin's creed, UFC, WWE, etc. I use keyboard and mouse when playing FPS games like DOTA 2 and LOL. Keyboard and mouse also when playing soldier front, call of duty, counter strike, racing games, GTA, etc. It depends on the person using but keyboard is more convenient for me because I'm used to using keyboard since then.
  12. gamergal

    gamergal New Member

    I don't usually play games on my computer, because I have a PS4. But if I play on it then I prefer a keyboard even though I have a USB game pad. What can I say, maybe to crank boredom, because I play with PS4 more, so it's good to break the usual and do something "unusual" for a while. Keyboard though has advantages when it comes to gaming. You are to find all buttons relayed in front of you. It certainly helps in games like GTA, NFS, etc. because you exactly know where the keys are. But other than that there's no difference actually between playing on computers or consoles, yeah apart from some minor tweaks, and all.
  13. victorslide05

    victorslide05 Member

    for how long have you been playing with keyboard? Do you use external keyboard?. Has any button developed problem from excessive usage?,that's my problem.
  14. Tania997

    Tania997 New Member

    Keyboard is really good. I use my ps4 too but when I'm on PC you can find all buttons quickly and that's nice. But I sometimes will use a controller anyway, for games like dark souls. I just feel more comfortable with it
    gamergal likes this.
  15. JaiGuru

    JaiGuru New Member

    If I'm playing a single player game who's controls aren't to convoluted I'll map it to a Playstation 4 controller every single time. I grew up with consoles so it's sort of ingrained in me to feel relaxed with the controller in my hand. That said, it's usually not even kind of possible to play competitively in an online multiplayer setting without using a mouse and keyboard.
  16. victorslide05

    victorslide05 Member

    Then you must be sited and focused. How do you cope with soccer games or you don't play it?
  17. OursIsTheFury

    OursIsTheFury Active Member

    I have a DS4 for my PC, but I only use it if the game REALLY demands it. I find that using the analog sticks to either walk or adjust the camera angle is just far too inaccurate, and a simple stroke of the mouse would get the desired effect at a fraction of the time. That's why when games insist that I use a controller, I use my mouse and keyboard still, and see if I really need it. So far, the only type of game I used it for are racing, sports, and side scrolling platform games. Everything else, just the basic keyboard and mouse.
  18. RosieDaven

    RosieDaven New Member

    I've been playing with keyboard as far as I remember. I tried a few (cheap) game pad, but I do want to give it a shot for a better one. But so far, it's convenient on laptop.
    I've been looking around for razor game pads a few months now, and they are so economically comfy, (though I could only look at hem in electronic shops, in 10 minutes it's not much.)
    I'll be honest, I'm more interested in phone-gaming pads.
  19. user238

    user238 New Member

    Ever since I saw those desks that allow you stand while your moving around I've been interested in getting one. The idea that you have to stand thus negating a lot of the health problems of always sitting interested me. However I don't game as much as I used to, almost none at all as ever since I've moved to a new house I don't even have my desktop set up and instead use my laptop for nearly everything, and it has a keyboard built into it, which means by default I use my keyboard and a naga Razor mouse.

    Still, I think that if I ever do get my desktop setup, I will be taking advantage of one of those special standing desks!
  20. Hux

    Hux Head Forum Admin Forum Administrator

    I very rarely play FIFA but that is another game I do use a game pad for. Anything else though is keyboard and mouse for me.