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What's your favorite team(s) and player(s)?

Discussion in 'Counter-strike: Global Offensive' started by Jafool, Dec 14, 2014.

  1. Jafool

    Jafool New Member

    Hello, people!

    Now that we have a CS:GO section, let's talk some Counter-Strike!

    Like the title suggests, what is your favorite team(s) and player(s), and why?

    My favorite team (being a Swede) is NiP. I've always loved them and remember them from the old CS 1.6 days.

    My favorite players right are all the guys from NiP (Yes, even Fifflaren<3) and Pasha from VP. But there are so many great ones.

    Have at it boys and girls! ;)
  2. Squigly

    Squigly Member

    I like Fnatic, they're a really talented team. Also their recent win against VP, when VP had 1 BO3 advantage was insane.
    Jafool likes this.
  3. Jafool

    Jafool New Member

    Ah. Nice to see that Fnatic still has loyal fans after DHW. :)
  4. Squigly

    Squigly Member

    Well I certainly will agree that abusing that spot didn't demonstrate much sportsmanship. But since it wasn't clearly stated in the rules and they agreed to pull out of the competition I think everything turned out okay in the end.
  5. Jafool

    Jafool New Member

    See that's kind of what I think as well. It was a secret weapon, and sort of ingenious. Or just.. genious. But not fair, all and all. I don't think they deserve all the hate and bullshit they've recieved though.
  6. Zane

    Zane Premium Subscriber Premium

    VP Pasha <3 him and i have the same last name
    Jafool likes this.
  7. Jafool

    Jafool New Member

    Yeah I love Pasha as well. I watch his stream sometimes and he just really seems like a genuinly nice guy. :)
  8. Dabstin

    Dabstin New Member

    I've only recently started watching CSGO esports so I don't really have a team I support yet. I just find them all equally fascinating. Although I always tend to lean more towards Virtus Pro due to Pasha haha. Who doesn't love this guy. [Bonus Video]
  9. NotCasual

    NotCasual New Member

    That would probably be Fnatic. Yes, they have been quite lacking after Olof had to take a break, and they have been losing about every tournament ever since. But honestly, the current Fnatic is not the real Fnatic. The kind of performance they have shown in the past is something we hadn't seen for a VERY long time.
    Isn't it quite a coincidence how they've gone from beating SK 3-0, to not even getting matched up against them anymore after Olof's injury?

    You can see they still have it in them. They'll lose matches, but absolutely dominate the pistol rounds, which require the most skill in my opinion.
  10. Mangasniko

    Mangasniko New Member

    My favorite team is definately Astralis and my favorite player is Kjaerbye. Astralis in my opinion has a great captain and the all the players have their individual roles and a lot of skill. I also like their Coach Zonic, a legend in css and cs 1.6!
  11. Atropia

    Atropia New Member

    My favourite team at the moment is going to be FaZe right now, however my favourite player is RpK from nV.
  12. Bear

    Bear New Member

    It would have to be FaZe. I've been watching the FaZe Youtubers forever and I was so hyped to hear that they started a CS:GO team. I've been supporting them since and the FaZe stickers and sprays look amazing.
  13. m33kuh

    m33kuh Member

    Fnatic and Virtous Pro. They may have their ups and downs but they surely prove that they are one of the best teams out there.
    The coordination and teamwork is just so amazing.
  14. Gladdy

    Gladdy Member

    The same here! I absolutely love watching FaZe. I don't really support them in-game since I don't play CS:GO that often but I do tune into certain tournaments. Especially if I know that FaZe will be playing.

    Recently, I've also found myself cheering for G2 Esports. They acquired such an amazing roster. It will be really interesting watching how far they can go. KennyS is a beast. I was sad that screaM left the team though but oh well. That's eSports.
  15. anaatef9

    anaatef9 New Member

    To be honest, I love a lot of players and a lot of teams for many reasons. I have been watching Cs go tournaments ever since early 2016. The Fanatic era. For that reason, I think my favourite team of all time has to be the roster of Fanatic at that time. Their players had to be the best of all time. Making comeback after comeback and crushing hearts. Old JW used to bunny hop on catwalk dust II to peek mid.Dennis easy 4K in pistol round. Olof inhuman play after play. Flusha's amazing timing and great nade usage and finally krimz anchoring down b site alone time after time.
    I miss the old fnatic. the dominant Fnatic.
  16. DudeInCorner

    DudeInCorner New Member

    I've been watching CS:GO for a while now, since atleast 2014 when NiP won their first and only major title. My favourite team used to be NiP until recently when they removed Friberg. While I understand that it was the right move to make, I just don't feel as connected to them anymore. Friberg was and still is my favourite player, and I sincerely hope he can succeed in another team! As of now, my favourite team has got to be Cloud9. No matter their roster, I think I'll always be able to rally behing North America's #1 team!
  17. forumheem

    forumheem New Member

    My favorite player was always Kenny, I think that is because of his aggressive playstyle with the AWP and his point blank awp skills. His games are always enjoyable to watch.