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What Is Your Favorite Skin Theme?

Discussion in 'League of Legends' started by Rebelssis, Aug 16, 2017.

  1. Rebelssis

    Rebelssis New Member

    You know League of Legends offers us those fantastic skins with some details shared among some champions, like the Arcade (Sona, Corki, Ezreal…) and Star Guardian (Jinx, Miss Fortune, Lux…) themes. What is your favorite?
    Personally, I love the Arcade theme because of many reasons. First, I like everything related to 80’s stuff, old video games, and that retro feeling. Second, those visual effects. God! When I saw those 8 bits little details such as the hearts that appear due to Miss Fortune’s W’s passive, I fell in love with this theme. Also, the design of all the Arcade skins is highly polished for me. Then, I noticed the sound effects. They were just terrific! It made me feel like I was playing an actual arcade game. For me, this concept is just perfect. I mean, who would not love this repertory of colorful and attractive skins?
  2. WarVet

    WarVet Member

    Hah! I know what you're talking about I love everything about the 80s as well! The clothes, the music the cars everything! Do you know that music style called synth wave? A must for fans of the era.
  3. Weygd

    Weygd Member

    Arcade. I used to have both Ezreal and Ahri skins and I love them so much. But the last arcade skins are horrible imho.
    I also like the Pulsefire theme, even though the upcoming ones will be as expensive as the current ones, unfortunately. But I can understand that.
  4. emoxigh27

    emoxigh27 New Member

    I like Pentakill skins! :emoji_metal:
    Although I am not a rocker myself, I enjoy the music and the fashion of rockstars. I just think they're beautiful maybe because I like black colors, from dress to accessories. Whenever I see these skins, I remember the game Guitar Hero, I used to play that before and I enjoyed the music and the gameplay as well. :headphone: