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What is your favorite role in DOTA?

Discussion in 'Defense of the Ancients' started by EfficientNinja, Jun 30, 2018.

  1. EfficientNinja

    EfficientNinja New Member

    Good day, Game Rebels!

    To those of you who play DOTA 1 or DOTA 2, which roles are your favorites? Some of us here might prefer the support role to assist the carries while they farm their items. While some would prefer to be the carries because they want to be in the spotlight because they would be the ones to have the kills and carry the team.

    I would like to know about this community's preference.
  2. pierrepotro

    pierrepotro New Member

    I don't have much time playing video games anymore, so I just fall back to playing support since it's less pressure to carry and you just need to have a good sense of macro to do well, and you can have that even when you can't play a lot, unlike the more mechanically-intensive roles.