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What happened to Arcades?

Discussion in 'Classic Oldies' started by fcuco, Apr 22, 2016.

  1. IkaBula

    IkaBula New Member

    I wish they were still around, but alas. In fact a few weeks ago my wife and I were driving around town and I noticed an old shop front that said 'Game Arcade and Takeaway' and I turned to my wife and said 'How cool would it be if it were still there?'though I have no doubt it probably shut down in the early-00's at latest.

    I understand people's needs have changed, and gaming became a more 'at home' thing but that also lead to some sections of the community becoming something of shut-ins, which was an unfortunate by-product. Though, it's not too different to what we see Facebook, Snapchat and ?instagram doing to the youth today in the same way.

    Ugh. I don't know.
    All I know is arcades are 'old skool cool' and there actually could be some merit to profitablity in bringing them back on that basis at least.
  2. valy

    valy New Member

    Arcades have really lousy game design that doesn't have much of a place in a home console market. What you really want is the sensation of the old arcade games, the thrill you got as a youngun by playing a simple yet challenging game to go for better and better performance. You don't really want the old arcade games, though.
  3. Soulwatcher

    Soulwatcher New Member

    I remember going to the arcades as a kid, my parents and aunts and uncles would take me all the time. Heck they were still around when I was a teenager. And there still is a place called Dave & Busters about a hour from where I live now. You pay by the hour to play the games.

    And I think the answer to your question is the reason why the arcade died is because you can get the same or better than arcade graphics on your home PC or game console. But your right about one thing I sure do miss the arcade atmosphere. Nothing beat 10 people standing around watching you play when your on a winning streak. :smile:
  4. joegirl

    joegirl New Member

    Arcades :) I remember going to the mall with my friends and we would deliberately challenge a group of boys to a game. They were always so upset when they lose. Arcades should be brought back but remodeled and easy to work on. Kids are used to playing on super fast Xbox and would expect the arcade to function the same way.
  5. arachnophobik

    arachnophobik New Member

    Sadly, this is true. We still have arcades in the old malls here but I'm not even sure of how old that candy is anymore since I've never seen anyone win any. The prizes feel rigged too, as I've used the claw machine several times and never won any, compared to the claw machines in more expensive malls where I can win a few prizes easily. The arcade games barely offer any variety anymore here, it's just a bunch of old-new Tekken games now.
  6. lindbergh

    lindbergh Member

    Arcades are still ever-present in shopping malls. Although they're no longer as famous as in the past, a lot of people still go there to kill time and have some lighthearted fun.

    A lot of arcade games have become pretty innovative too, making the experience much more immersive than before.

    I still enjoy going to the arcades, accumulating tickets and exchanging them for cool gifts and prizes.
  7. peachpurple

    peachpurple New Member

    I don't know about US old arcade places but in Malaysia, you can find those arcade coin slot machines available in the old shop houses but not in the shopping mall . Since the Cybercafes had been mushrooming, young teens and adults prefer comfy arm chairs with cool headsets, large screen LED monitor and booming speakers with fast internet speed to play online games. Gone are the days of the shooting games by pressing the green and red buttons.
  8. Soulwatcher

    Soulwatcher New Member

    Sometimes you can find old arcade games at older restaurants but they are far and few inbetween. We also have a place call Chuck E Cheese and they have old arcade games in there. But it's a entertainment place for kids, although adults can go there too.
    peachpurple likes this.
  9. peachpurple

    peachpurple New Member

    Isn't it nice to have those old arcade game slot machine for kids? These machines are going extinct. If you have the chance, do take a few photos as remembrance. Soon, it will be gone since the parts are difficult to find now.
  10. konomi

    konomi New Member

    I don't remember ever having a 'true' arcade near me, throughout my whole life. When I was a kid the only arcade machines were at this one pizza place, and where I live now I think the closest 'true' arcade is almost an hour away. (What I mean by a 'true' arcade is a standalone arcade, and not just a few machines inside a different business). There are a few machines at my local movie theater, but I think that's it for my town, and my town isn't exactly small.

    Besides technology, which others have mentioned, I think online gaming has changed things, too. Before online gaming, arcades were the only way you could compete against strangers. Now that you can play against anyone in the world without even leaving home, why bother going to an arcade? I think arcade machines themselves are really cool, though, and some games are a LOT better at an arcade (especially games like DDR or Taiko no Tatsujin).
  11. Haristar

    Haristar New Member

    I won't say it has completely gone but still, it is not as popular as before and this is the indication of technological improvement. We have a mall here in which inside there is a place called Fun City and there is so many arcade gaming left for everyone to play and win tickets which can be then exchanged for some cool goodies. Can't beat the classics. Still, love them. :)
  12. Referal

    Referal Active Member

    I used to play a lot of arcade when I was younger and nowadays there are many arcade games online mobile PC etc you can just find it everywhere also nobody I think plays it much either
  13. GameCube

    GameCube New Member

    There is an arcade in our local mall and I have to say that there is still some aura about them that consoles and PCs cannot match, but might come close with surround sound. Anyway, I suppose it's like comparing home theater systems to a cinema. Anyway, though, despite the fun, they are a major rip-off, though - unless you're into vintage entertainment.