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What are your opinions on this game after time has passed?

Discussion in 'Star Wars: The Old Republic' started by GlacialDoom, Oct 19, 2014.

  1. GlacialDoom

    GlacialDoom New Member

    Do you find it better or worse than since you started playing it? Also, what is your opinion on the recent expansion packs?

    I, for one, think that if you play the game as a F2P or even a preffered user, be ready for a grind fest. I really despise the fact that F2P-ers get less experience, so we're stuck behind, having to grind mobs and do really boring sidequests.

    Some F2P restrictions are also plain stupid, but I'm sure that if you played this game you know what I'm talking about.
  2. Saffy

    Saffy Member

    I hate that you get less exp as you level for f2p/preferred. I'm preferred I had a sub for a few months but it was gifted and I couldn't afford to play after. It's been a while since I've played because I didn't like it as much on F2P. For some odd reason my fiance keeps getting his sub renewed for free, there are no bills, no money taken out of his bank or anything.. it's weird... I'll type more as I have to head to class but I find the restrictions completely lame like it costs more to have a mount and all kinds of things, it's just messed up but that's how they get their money is to try to be asses and make everyone pay or be miserable
  3. CosmicOdyssey

    CosmicOdyssey New Member

    I wish it was better, so many things could have been cooler. Plus I'm still waiting for Disney to stop the hammer and take it away. Don't know how long the contacts are for though.
  4. Saffy

    Saffy Member

    but I think they should let f2p at least have the normal xp to level or at least the preferred player because spending $5 isn't really that hard... but the limitations still suck

    edit: removed a few things
    Last edited: Oct 22, 2014
  5. CosmicOdyssey

    CosmicOdyssey New Member

    You shouldn't tell people that its glitched out
  6. Brady2121

    Brady2121 New Member

    I still thoroughly enjoy the game, and anyone who thinks this game is "dying" is mistaken. I recommend you play the game as a subscriber in order to get the full enjoyment out of it. The fully voice acted quest make the game worth while. Not to mention, the game is very story driven, which is a nice twist in a MMORPG.
  7. LitoLawless

    LitoLawless New Member

    I still don't really know how I feel about this game. I remember playing it for about a week and not getting my lightsaber until I was about three or four days in. Then, after I finally became a Jedi I had no idea what to do. It was actually pretty annoying. I did like the combat mechanics, although I don't think you had the option to use a controller. I might give this game another try, I've been playing Marvel Heroes lately (which doesn't require a controller) and I think I can play it the way it was meant to be played.
  8. jeremy2

    jeremy2 New Member

    For the ultimate experience and worthy enjoyment,i suggest you subscribe to the game.It's real fun.Apart from the unnecessary restrictions,the voice activated prompts make for a lively experience and the fresh stories add an exciting twist in the game.
  9. Michael

    Michael Active Member

    I found this a complete waste of time. I bought this game for $10 at a local Gamestop. Took me about 2 hours to install and the controls/gameplay were quite questionable. I still hate that game and don't plan to play it anytime soon.
  10. Saffy

    Saffy Member

    I play it once in a while, like I am now.. but it does suck as free to play or preferred and yes it does take way too long to download and install all the patches but it can be fun, I like certain things on there like how the story line you get to decide what to say
    Michael likes this.