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What are the games installed in your phone at present?

Discussion in 'Mobile' started by Referal, Oct 25, 2017.

  1. Referal

    Referal Well-Known Member

    If we talk about the present date, What are the games that you have installed in your phone at present? My phone has Candy Crush and a typing game for my kid. A few months back I had a lot many games but soon my phone stopped bearing the load so I had to delete them. I'm currently addicted to this game called Mobile Legend and Tiny Gladiators. Mobile Legend is a MOBA game, a really great alternative if you want something like DOTA on Android. Tiny Gladiators is just like its name, a gladiator game where we fight 1v1 against all the different enemies each level. I also have some co-op / local multi-player games on my phone such as G-Switch and Game of Life to play with my friends at school.
  2. Pixie06

    Pixie06 Member

    I have games like Candy Crush, Farm Heroes, Criminal Case, Asphalt8 and Four Pics One word on my phone. Those are my favourite games and I really enjoy playing them. The problems with those games are that they tend to slow down your phone and drain your battery.
  3. Soulwatcher

    Soulwatcher New Member

    I really don't game on my smartphone other than Minecraft and I only play it when I am out of the house. Because I don't like playing games on my smartphone. Having said that I LOVE playing Minecraft on my smartphone when I am out. Because I have a Windows 10/PE realm and I can play in the same world on my PC or smartphone. I can be playing Minecraft on my PC and leave and go to the doctors and I can play on my smartphone and pick up right where I left off on my PC.
  4. Referal

    Referal Well-Known Member

    I have Minecraft Dragon Ball Z a Fan made versions of Xenverose and Shadow Fight 2.1 is a like Dragon Ball Z and I have had Beat the Boss 2 but I had to uninstall it due to technically difficulties I am gonna redownload it again soon
    --- Double Post Merged, Aug 4, 2018, Original Post Date: Jan 20, 2018 ---
    I now have uninstalled most the games on my phone as I kinda got bit boring the updates were less like the owners weren't updating it as frequently as they used I now only have one game called Superheroes Club its a good game is pretty dumb and funny but a good game to play with its created by MDicki If I am right their games are good its all roleplay (but has a lot of blood and gore and stupidity characters) lol but indeed a good game to time pass too.