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Were you ever in Silver? How long did it take you to get out?

Discussion in 'Counter-strike: Global Offensive' started by GlacialDoom, Jul 5, 2015.

  1. GlacialDoom

    GlacialDoom New Member

    I am currently a Gold Nova Master (4 stars), but until 2 months ago, when I started playing with friends (and getting a bit carried), I used to be a Silver III/IV. It might also have to do with the fact that until last summer, I used to play on an old computer which lagged like hell whenever a HE grenade's smoke (yes, a HE grenade) appeared on screen, or that I used to play with my troll friend, who, although we had much fun, I am thankful he doesn't play anymore.

    All in all, it took me a year to get out of Silver, but once I started, it took me about 2 days.

    How long did it take YOU to get out of Silver?
  2. Zane

    Zane Premium Subscriber Premium

    I was in silver for a week and got to DMG after it the ranking system is complete trash
  3. Dabstin

    Dabstin New Member

    I was an MG1 from the start, I'm still 18 wins in and I'm still in that rank, and I doubt I'd ever rank up or down because my matches are always fairly balanced with a nearly perfect 1.0 win/lose ratio.

    The ranking means nothing though, it merely serves to place you with people with similar skill levels so that no one is unfairly placed with overly skilled people or vise versa. Unless you find your games too easy or too hard, you're in the right rank and it probably would be best if you stay in it.
  4. jrhoads

    jrhoads New Member

    Most of my time playing I was in silver, but after the ban wave I got to nova 3 and right now I am MG1. I'm expecting to keep ranking up, because I do well in most of my games. Getting out of silver for me was really easy after the ban wave but before it was pretty difficult. My advice would be to watch YouTube videos and practice, and you'll rank up soon enough. Like Dabstin said, your rank really isn't a big deal. You should be at the rank of your skill level and you'll rank up as your skills improve. A few of my friends are Global and they don't really care about rank too much either.
  5. Squigly

    Squigly Member

    I started in Silver, currently am Gold Nova 4. My aim and reflexes just isn't up to scratch against younger, better players.
  6. leahcim132

    leahcim132 New Member

    I started out in Silver 2. I deserved it since I didn't know ANYTHING about counter strike at the time. I was there for over 6 months playing solo until I finally ranked up to Silver 3. Then I duo'd with my friend who was SEM and I climbed through the ranks pretty quickly.
  7. NotCasual

    NotCasual New Member

    I started in Nova 2, it's now a year later and I'm MGE. I've been struggling a lot with my setup. I used to use a free laptop mouse on a small frog mousepad. I've managed to upgrade to a big Sharkoon mousepad, with a 5$ rip-off gaming mouse. My laptop is starting to overheat in matches, though, hence why I can't play anymore.

    I'm currently saving up to replace everything, and I hope it'll help a bit.
  8. Avex

    Avex Never hate your enemies. It affects your judgment.

    Started in LEM, got to SMFC. Quit for a bit and got ranked into MGE and am currently LEM again.
    I've smurfed in silver and oh my god. It's fair to say everyone starts somewhere though.
  9. Mangasniko

    Mangasniko New Member

    I once smurfed in Silver 2, and I see why some people struggle to get out of silver, there are many cheaters smurfs e.t.c, I hastily upped it to GN 4 so I don't disturb the people at their rank level!
  10. Bear

    Bear New Member

    Um, well I'm Silver 2.
    The worst thing is that I was silver 3 earlier today but I deranked back down. I have over 700 hours on the game and 270 competitive wins. Nine out of ten competitive games that I play I end up top fragging so I'd say that the main reason I'm in silver is due to my team. I'm always solo queuing and I'm sure I would be able to get out of silver if I lobbied up with people that I know aren't trolls.
  11. Hux

    Hux Head Forum Admin Forum Administrator

    I used to be, didn't take me long. Then the new updates came out and I haven't played for months and months, so I had to start from the beginning..
  12. Mr. Kiborgue

    Mr. Kiborgue New Member

    I was silver yes!
    But let me tell you what ive learned to climb ELO if you could say that:
    The point is to approach every game with the mindset: how am I going to be better, and how could i have carried this game?
    When you approach games with this mindset i believe that anyone can climb to none the less but global elite, u just need time!
    And most important thing you cant climb if u dont have fuN!
  13. Salamander Man 2

    Salamander Man 2 Member

    I started at SIlver and currently am I think I was a silver elite then got demoted to silver 4
  14. lexcion

    lexcion New Member

    I started in silver elite master and climbed all the way up to MGE. Then, when the rank shifts came I dropped back down to silver, and then I climbed back to MG2. These days I don't play CS:GO as much as I used to and I think I'm at gold nova at the moment.
  15. Mr. Kiborgue

    Mr. Kiborgue New Member

    Actually i lied i started at wood 9, and i had to download a fx fighter 7.123 for 99 $ with the untouchable walhack cheat for better aiming through walls to get to silver 3.. after that i learned how to hack other peoples computers and set them on fire so they would dc thats what got me to global elite..
    Also a good deal for the PC industry since i fried at least a few doesn thousands of pc-s.

    jokes aside i love you all gaming for life!
    you want lessons reply!
  16. DontTouchMe

    DontTouchMe Member

    Got ranked in Silver Elite and got out in about two to three months. But now I'm stuck in Nova for over a year and 100 matches. I've been rotating between Nova 2 to 4 like 20 times now. Promotion, derank, promotion, promotion, derank, derank... Right now I'm Nova 4 and I'm probably never getting out.
  17. astroroid10293

    astroroid10293 New Member

    When I first started playing, I had no experience with first person shooters, so I got myself the majestic rank of Silver 1. After continuously playing the game, I started to find my way up in the ranking system. After probably 600-700 hours of actually playing the game, I finally reached Gold Nova 1. I played another 400-500 hours until I hit Master Guardian 1, which was my overall goal in the game. At that point, I thought that I reached my goal, so I took a 4-month break. Now I'm back into Silver Elite.
  18. timstargraal

    timstargraal Member

    I started after the whole ranking system became normal and became a lot harder to get a better rank and after my placement matches, I was placed into Silver 4. After playing not very often, I dropped down to Silver 2, then had the time to play so after a few matches and practice, I was up to Gold Nova 2, so I was basically never in Silver for that long but I only stayed in it as I didn’t have the time to play any competitive matchmaking matches and as a result, I couldn’t rank up.
  19. OursIsTheFury

    OursIsTheFury Active Member

    I bought the game last week just to see all the hype. It was basically the same game I played as a kid (CS 1.6) with a lot more detail in the area designs, and you can play a lot more maps (which are balanced I assume). But all in all, I don't think I would enjoy such a game with online folks mainly because I've heard the online community is a very toxic one. Nope! No thanks!
  20. anaatef9

    anaatef9 New Member

    I never went to silver but I was definitely close. My lowest rank was Gold Nova 1. To get out of my slump and start winning a lot more, I started playing deathmatch for at least 30 minutes before going into a competitive game.