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Visual Studio Code

Discussion in 'Coders Paradise' started by overcast, Jul 20, 2017.

  1. overcast

    overcast Member

    Those who are tired of using Sublime text and Notepad ++. You can find that Microsoft has now launched this editor named Visual studio code. It is very lightweight editor. And most of the feature of the VSCode is same as sublime text. Some of the differences and variations exist but yeah you may find it works smooth like sublime text. It has also some features so I think it's good enough.

    Check the editor here: https://code.visualstudio.com

    Have you tried it?
  2. valy

    valy New Member

    I have used the Sublime text for a while and it seems to be very good, especially because it has no toolbars or configuration dialogs.Besides, it is very fast, t it lets you slowly grow into using its power. I don't intend to change it with the Visual Studio code at the moment.
    Thanks for sharing with us!
  3. Zyrcon

    Zyrcon New Member

    I really like VSCode overall as an editor even though I started using Webstorm. If I wasn't using an IDE I would definitely use VSCode, I find it's got the featured feel of Atom, but isn't super heavyweight and runs smooth.
  4. overcast

    overcast Member

    True it is extremely smooth to use. As smooth as Sublime. I still feel sublime is better on many points. Like packages which are much better with them than VSCode. I think Microsoft behind the VSCode can change a lot of things. And people don't have to use any of those paid editors anymore. When there are free options available.
  5. Referal

    Referal Well-Known Member

    I have trouble using Visual Basic mostly the coding part thanks for sharing this as good basic one