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Discussion in 'Reviews' started by Vladimir Gray, Jun 1, 2017.

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Unturned is an indie game created by a game developer named Nelson Sexton, or more widely known by his alias, Greg Stevens. The game, currently in development, has met much success as it holds a wide support in it's community. Unturned is a survival game that takes place after an unknown apocalyptic event where most of humanity has been wiped out. The only survivors are yourself, other players, the leftover zombies, and a select few animals that inhabit the area. The objective of the game is to gather the supplies you need to sustain yourself either from the land or looting from pre-apocalyptic structures. You must also defend yourself against an array of dangers, including bandits, zombies, and radiation poisoning.

A general overlay on information in the game of Unturned can be found by visiting the navigation page.
Players: N/A
Co-op: No
Genre: Adventure, Life Simulation, Sandbox, Stealth
Release Date:
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  1. Vladimir Gray

    Vladimir Gray Well-Known Member Forum Administrator

    Hello everyone. This really is my first game review for me ever to do, so let's get started.


    Now Unturned is a open world game that is free to play on steam. The game is a Zombie Apocalypse game combined with Minecraft and a hint of CSGO or a shooter game. The games been out since 2014. When playing the game you will experince a lot of issues such as keeping your food and water up, building a base people can't raid, aswell as evening getting equipment to defend yourself against others and the Zombies. The game already has a ton of updates and cool features too it! Including maps that are even custom made by people who love the game so much! Currently the Devloper/Owner (Nelson) of Unturned is working hard on new content! One of his most recent updates was with the map Hawaii! There's also another map that me and my friend Abbott love to play called Russia!

    (Tank in Unturned that are hard to find)

    (Police helicopter Abbott and I use to have till I decided to crash it into a tree :p )

    (Oil rig on the map Russia that is a dead zone)

    Overall I would rate this game a 9/10, as the game is super fun once you start gaining stuff and even killing people, except for the times you die and your base gets attacked by a group of Mexicans :p But besides that the reason I didn't give it a ten is because the server has its faults in lag issues, such as loading in to the game takes forever for me and aswell as at times the game will lag a bunch for everyone, but it's easy to get through.

    Now me and Abbott are thinking of starting a Unturned group up for anyone on GR to join, if you want to PM me via forums or if you have me on steam talk to me there! We will most likely play on Russia or Hawaii and in the future stick to one server.
    Hux likes this.
  2. Paladin$

    Paladin$ Protto Virus Protection *Scam Artist*

    Is it that fun dad?
  3. Hux

    Hux Head Forum Admin Forum Administrator

    I remember when this game was first released, I played it for quite some time but haven't touched it since. I'd be interested in playing again though :eek:
  4. Matt6868

    Matt6868 Premium Subscriber Premium

    I played this a ton back when I was with "axiom" we even had a server and a team .. eventually we all got bored since the game is very repitive.. still a great one thho
  5. Scholarkin

    Scholarkin Member

    Sadly I don't like Adventure/survival games as I used to back then when I was a kid.
    This is my first time hearing about this game.
    I must say, I am very impressed with the specs and features! Nelson Sexton did a wonderful job.
    I will try my hands on it. Perhaps, my likeness for adventure games may be revived.
  6. Neiltarquin

    Neiltarquin Member

    That's a fun game, sadly i dont have one because its hard to get a hand on games like that in my country.
  7. arachnophobik

    arachnophobik New Member

    It was a pretty decent game, I've played it a couple of times with friends. Some of the games were toxic though, but I suppose it's tolerable. I don't like the graphics though, it makes me a bit nauseous, unlike Minecraft. I just find the graphics for the game a bit too bland for my taste. Nevertheless, the gameplay is good and is worth trying out if you haven't already.
  8. Scholarkin

    Scholarkin Member

    Sorry dear.
    Which country are you in and what makes it difficult to get your hands on the games?
  9. binaryteck

    binaryteck New Member

    Oh! you made me remember this game again. we enjoyed it when we bought it but have forgotten about it since then. I wonder why it hasn't cross my mind ever since
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