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[TUT] How to install 4.11 Demo/Kiosk FW

Discussion in 'Playstation Tutorials' started by Fuzed, Jul 3, 2012.

  1. Fuzed

    Fuzed Active Member

    Earlier this week, a man by the name of
    master0wn3r released a modified firmware version
    that adds an "Install Package Files" option under
    the Settings tab on the XMB. Before I show you
    how to install it, I'd like to remind you that this is
    not a jailbreak or a functional custom firmware.
    While this modified firmware version is certainly
    interesting to play around with, it is important to
    remember that you cannot install homebrew with it.

    Now, lets begin:

    1. Your PS3
    2. USB device
    3. Alternate 4.11 Firmware - Download here:

    1. Download the firmware (link above).

    2. On your USB, create a folder titled
    "PS3" (without the quotation marks). Inside of the
    "PS3" folder, create another folder titled
    "UPDATE" (also without quotation marks). Now,
    place the PS3UPDAT.PUP you downloaded inside
    of the "UPDATE" folder.

    3. Insert your USB into your PS3.

    4. Access the Safe Mode recovery menu using this

    5. Select system update and follow the on screen
    prompts until it begins installing.

    6. Once you are finished installing the firmware,
    restart your PS3. It will say 4.11 demonstration
    mode in the bottom right corner of your screen.

    7. Navigate to the Settings menu and hover over
    security settings (do not enter it).
    8. Now on your controller press and hold down

    9. You will be prompted with a 4 digit security
    code. If you've never changed it then, it will be
    "0000". If you have ever used Restore Default
    Settings, it will reset the code to "2464".

    10. Press enter and you will have the "Install
    Package Files" feature, however you still cannot
    install homebrew.

    Final Notes:
    You have to go to security settings, press and
    hold L1+R1+Select+Square, and enter your
    4 digit code every time you restart your
    system to get the "Install Package Files"
    option to show up.

    You can re-install the official 4.11 via USB or
    just update to v4.20 by installing it via

    As a final reminder, this is not a jailbreak or a
    functional custom firmware. This does not
    allow you to install homebrew, host lobbies,
    or run backups.