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Suggestion This site needs a Update and REVAMP


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Mar 22, 2017
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I haven't used this site for a while now and alot of the things are still the same on here. I think maybe a REVAMP or a site update is needed from @Jordan as this place was awesome I don't want to see it go and become a dead forum like the others I see a lot of potential in this site. Maybe even Name change or Forum Change would also work it could help lower the costs so there could be more items (Games) added into the store in future. As well as new Staff team members to the current ones this could help with the activity
[doublepost=1581906872,1580255428][/doublepost]I still say if you guys need an Extra staff for the community team like a moderator I would love to be that guy as I very experienced in moderation and administration as I worked on many forums before from Webmaster (Promotion) to Gaming to general and I would love to join this staff team and help this site grow