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The Day Before Looks Really Bad

The title should be changed to The Day After. This looked like a world in the final stages of a boring apocalyptic attack and the remaining zombies just gave up. The release date was pushed back from March 1 to November 10 of this year. From the looks of the gameplay trailer we now know why. The development team has a ton of work to do if they actually decide to release it this year. The trailer was a walking simulator in an empty world that decided to pay the light bill.

Release: November 10th


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Apr 25, 2016
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This is nothing new in the gaming industry, it's almost the norm for games to overpromise and underdeliver if not outright lie about features. Pre-ordering is almost always a poor idea in this day and age as games often come out buggy and unfinished. The developers with a minutia of integrity will at least finish the game sometime after initial release.