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The Amazing Spider-man

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by Hux, Nov 18, 2012.

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  1. Hux

    Hux Head Forum Admin Forum Administrator

    General Info
    The Amazing Spider-man is a very fun game to play, obviously, the main character is Spider-man so that is who you are throughout the whole game. The whole point to the game is to basically save the city from danger, enemies, villains and just general criminals. This one is much better than the previous Spider-man games as the story line is a lot longer and more enjoyable to play. There are also many Unlockable Costumes throughout the game so it's good to play aiming for that objective.

    Here are some pictures of the game itself. (All images are In-Game screenshots)

    This one below is of the costumes you can unlock throughout the game.

    Obviously the graphics for the game aren't going to be 'perfect' but they are pretty decent for the game. Especially comparing this game's graphics to Spider-man 3, they are top notch. The detail on Spider-man himself is probably the most iconic, the amount of detail added into his costumes are incredible.

    Personally I think it's a brilliant game and worth buying. It's fun to play and once you complete the game there is one more costume to unlock in free-roam so the game doesn't end straight away. As I mentioned, free-roam is in this game and makes the game that extra little bit better. Worth buying, 9/10.​
  2. Voi

    Voi Active Member

    My friend bought this on release day,
    i had the previous one but i only used it for swinging from building to building and thinking im a total bad-as s :D
  3. Hux

    Hux Head Forum Admin Forum Administrator

    I was going to buy it ages ago, but forgot about it until the other day. Web slinging is bad-ass from building to building :D
  4. Scholarkin

    Scholarkin Member

    Haha. This is so funny. You were forming superhero things I guess.lol
    I haven't played this game though,but I have watched the movie.
  5. Sino989

    Sino989 Member

    I used to play spider man games all of the time for the gamecube. I don't think I ever played the story I just liked to mess around lol. I don't think I have played a spider man game since though.
  6. binaryteck

    binaryteck New Member

    I bought this game for my kids and they are always on it even as I type this. This is a very good game and it will continue to enjoy the patronage of many
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.