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Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Discussion in 'Media' started by Jordan, Dec 21, 2017.

  1. Jordan

    Jordan Founder Owner

    Who has seen the new star wars movie?
    I have yet to see it and not sure if I should. I have heard many conflicting reviews that it is hard to find a good opinion on it.

    If you seen the movie, how was it? Good story?

    Remember any spoilers should be put in the spoiler tag to prevent spoiling the movie to those who have not seen it and wish to remain a mystery.
  2. Hintahai

    Hintahai Super Moderator Moderator

    I have not watched it yet but I've heard it's not so good. However I'll go see it tomorrow so I can see if the rumors are true!
  3. Mace

    Mace Super Moderator Moderator

    They do a thing in a place then go to another place to do a thing and talk with a guy then they do another thing and a thing happens to someone which causes another thing to happen and in the end nobody understood what thing happened.

    Also its a feminist movie.
  4. Zane

    Zane Premium Subscriber Premium

    I've actually never seen a Star wars movie.. Which one should I start with?
  5. Martinsx

    Martinsx New Member

    I have watched one star wars movie a long time ago, I can't really remember it's name but back then I do know that I enjoyed the movie.

    About the Star Wars: The Last Jedi, I think it's two nights ago that I saw the advertisement movie advertisement when I was watching wrestling and I did pick interest in seeing the movie. Maybe before the week runs out I would get it, or do you have any link I could use to download it?
  6. Fallenpyro418 (Sparks)

    Fallenpyro418 (Sparks) Community Supervisor Community Supervisor Forum Administrator

    1st. Haven't watched it yet, could be decent

    The movie won't be out for download yet, it litterally just came into theatres.
  7. Rick Ace

    Rick Ace New Member

    Conflicting is the right word for it. There are Star Wars fans that claim the franchise is boring, while there are still fans of the series that will watch new releases the day it comes out.

    Someone I know said it was better than most of the other movies. I'd say, "The Last Jedi" is worth watching if you liked any of the other movies. :)