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Question Spam

Discussion in 'Help, Feedback, & Suggestions' started by AndroidOS, Jan 1, 2016.

  1. AndroidOS

    AndroidOS Member


    I was wondering if it would be possible for someone to sort out the spam problem? It makes the place looks messy and actually puts me off posting - I don't want to have to dig through a load of spam to find the thread I want to reply to.

  2. Sylar

    Sylar General Manager

    Hi AndroidOS.

    I completely agree that spam is a problem, and as a member I too hate seeing it and having to navigate through it to post or find a topic to reply to.

    Unfortunately, our forum seems to have been targeted by some spam bots, and no matter how much we clean up they keep coming back. We do have some anti-spam tools in place, but @Jordan and I are working on finding some better prevention methods. Personally, whenever I log on and see some spam I immediately remove all of it using xenforo's amazingly easy spam removal tool. However, that does mean the spam stays sometimes for a day or two until I can reach it(I have been on holiday with my family this past week or so)

    I apologize for the trouble this has caused you, just know we are doing our best to stop it. If you have any suggestions that might help us, please don't hesitate to post them here or PM me if that would be more comfortable to you

    Thank you
    AndroidOS likes this.
  3. Jordan

    Jordan Founder Owner

    We are aware of the problem.

    It seems no matter what I do, they always get around the spam prevention methods.
    We are actively always deleting spam. I am looking for more ways to help prevent it.

    it would seem our forum has been specifically targeted.
  4. Arcticlands

    Arcticlands New Member

    I would like to help clean the spam up.
  5. tajhay

    tajhay New Member

  6. Referal

    Referal Active Member

    Who would''t want to clean up Spam on here :p