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Smashed your game pad playing?

Discussion in 'General Gaming' started by Henrywrites, Feb 22, 2018.

  1. Henrywrites

    Henrywrites New Member

    Gaming has been said to be all about the desire to keep playing and not getting tired of playing a particular game everyday such as when I play the Call of duty, I wouldn't mind not eat for some hours as long as the game I am playing is giving me that needed joy at that particular moment.

    I guess that's how some of the addict game players feel each moment they pick up the game pad or their phone to play a particular game that they enjoy. However, I have had this sudden anger that I developed one day when I was playing FIFA 17 with a pal at home and missed a goal, that made me smashed the pad I was using and till today, the friend still make joke of me because of that.

    So, about you, have you ever smashed your game pad while playing ?
  2. Martinsx

    Martinsx New Member

    Reading this article gave me a huge laugh out loud because I'm a victim of that act with my own gaming pad and I'm also equally guilty of the act because I have done it twice if I'm not mistaken. A friend of mine that I had over one holiday season broke my PS4 gaming pad when we were playing PES. The beating I gave him frustrated him to the point of breaking my pad by hitting it on the floor.

    I was shocked to see him react that way because I was like it's just a game but it really made him feel bad. So after that day, I tried my very best not to humiliate any person that I'm playing with in order to avoid damaging my pad for me.
    Henrywrites likes this.
  3. Ash

    Ash New Member

    I've never actually thrown it which is a blessing because there have been many moments where I've been so close to just throw the controller as far as I can. Luckily for me, I'm able to calm down quickly and not actually throw it. And because of that, I've never had to purchase another controller which is great because the PlayStation 4 ones are extremely expensive. I actually know a few people that have bad controllers because they've thrown and broken so many that they can't get a new one for a bit XD
  4. Pixie06

    Pixie06 Member

    I have to admit that at that times I do get furious when I can't achieve my goals. It is very disappointing when you have been playing a game for a couple of days and then when you are about to finish the game you just die. I have never smashed my consoles but I have thrown them away violently so many times on the occasions I mentioned above.
  5. Henrywrites

    Henrywrites New Member

    Well, I don't really know what to say about this kind of scenario for if I was in your shoe, I would have made him to pay for the smashed pad. The thing I would tell any pal that feels sad about being beaten by me in any game is to go and learn more about how the game is played. I understand the frustration that comes with losing ,but the reality is that you can't really say for sure how anyone would react in such a situation. In as much as I have always felt the frustration, I have only broken my pad or that of someone that wouldn't ask me to pay.
    --- Double Post Merged, Feb 24, 2018, Original Post Date: Feb 24, 2018 ---
    This got me cracked up a bit, I mean being able to control yourself means that you've not gotten into the full mood of breaking the pad. The thing with breaking the pad is that I did it not blinking an eye and I have even heard of those that broke the TV out of anger of their football team not playing to an expected level. So, it's all about the drive and passion that we have wine playing the game.