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Qualities To Be A Great Clan Leader?

Discussion in 'Clans & Guilds' started by Pink_Turtle, Aug 2, 2017.

  1. Pink_Turtle

    Pink_Turtle New Member

    Hi guys!

    We've been discussing a lot about lidership in a clan and we all agree it's hard work but ...

    what do you think are the qualities a clan leader needs to have? how the be great? how not to die trying?
  2. Gladdy

    Gladdy Member

    Ah! Being a leader is always a tough job... in the real life and in the virtual world. I think that the qualities that the boss/leader has can be pretty similar to the ones from real life because it involves essentially the same thing - leading others.

    I think that the most important qualities of a great leader are:
    - listening,
    - being fair,
    - established respect,
    - communicating,
    - charismatic,
    - accessible.
  3. WarVet

    WarVet Member

    We could spend all day long listing qualities a good leader needs to have. I agree with all that you wrote above but in my opinion, the most important quality a leader must have is being able to figure out his follower's needs and meeting them. This way people feel more than led they feel safe and not only follow orders but trust the leader. Agree?
  4. Pink_Turtle

    Pink_Turtle New Member

    You guys are right. I agree. Especially the part of being accessible and fair to the rest of the team. Also to be a great leader you need to be involve in the project entirely and to gain the respect of your team. Another one is : being a team player!
  5. kgord

    kgord New Member

    I just sent a request to join a clan last night. I Have been playing Vikings Clash of Clans, and it is a good game. I am wondering what it will be like to be in a clan since it will be a new experience for me. I hope that someone who is a clan leader can help me get my feet wet in the game..because I am fairly new to this game. I guess I will just ask for extra help.
  6. WarVet

    WarVet Member

    Hopefully, he will. I mean if you are in a half decent clan then he most likely will. From my experience, it's not the bosses who ruin the clan most of the time but the players who play only for themselves or try to be better than everyone else.
  7. Jo-Anne Saribay

    Jo-Anne Saribay New Member

    The traits that make a good leader in real life apply to this game. It's all about dealing with people, problems, etc., and as a leader, you need to have the answers to the various questions thrown at you. The key to being a good leader is to be; fair, firm, and consistent. There is much more but I am not going to get into it, trade secrets and all that jazz.
    --- Double Post Merged, Aug 25, 2017, Original Post Date: Aug 25, 2017 ---
    Also, Be patient. Your clan members didn't join you to agree with EVERYTHING you say. They will have some disagreements with what you say or believe, so respect their opinions. [​IMG]
    --- Double Post Merged, Aug 25, 2017 ---
    Then, Make sure you have some healthy relationships with other clans. They can be used for various different things such as offering/receiving members, information, and much more!
    --- Double Post Merged, Aug 25, 2017 ---
    A clan with a strong connection has other ways of spreading outside of clan chat. Feel free to use the forums, group page, glass board, skype, instantaneous messaging.
    --- Double Post Merged, Aug 25, 2017 ---
    Always have a go-to guy to lead when you feel you can't lead the clan temporarily (real life issues, bored of the game, etc.) It's good to keep your clan and your friends secure and still within reach on emergencies. :)
  8. Referal

    Referal Active Member

    Being any Good leader requires a lot of responsibilities But for Game wise you need to have 3 rules you must follow when you are being a clan leader
    Dedication-Being Dedicated to the game like helping your members out when and if they need any help. Help them out

    Activity- Being active is something I see a lot when I used to be and run any clan I myself struggle with this being active on game or in the clan it shows your really supporting the game and your team members (this happens with members as well as I am a clan leader who is active in MC5 but only like one third of my members are on active in it but that's a different thread.)

    Maturity- Maturity is very Important you wouldn't to join a clan that has a immature and rude and trollish leader you might has well have a user/leader who is kind and follows the above rules then someone is being a mean.

    And I think that's really all of I can think of any the moment.