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Discussion in 'Gaming Hardware & Software' started by Lug, Jun 6, 2012.

  1. OursIsTheFury

    OursIsTheFury Active Member

    PSx2, you can easily get it online. Games are about 2GB each, but your PC must be able to run more recent games because the PS2 games have high demand for some reason. I'd start at Emuparadise and find both the emulator you want (there's a PS1 and PS2, along with GameBoy, PSP, etc) and look for the game you want in the game section. Pretty easy and with a controller for the PC you're all set. You can use the keyboard but it's not the same experience.
  2. yunken

    yunken New Member

    Yeah, I still play PlayStation.
    I'm still addicted to PES in my PlayStation 2, because of the love I have for soccer. I don't think I can stop it anytime soon
  3. OursIsTheFury

    OursIsTheFury Active Member

    Yep, that sounds exhausting. With a mouse it's just one single motion, with the controller even aiming properly is hard. I remember getting an old Call of Duty game on the PS2 and aiming was hell. I had to do that gun bump melee action to defeat enemies since I can't aim worth a damn. Slow moving, and it's pretty inaccurate too when you use the analog sticks to aim. Not worth it.
  4. Sino989

    Sino989 Member

    I still play my old playstation 1 and playstation 2 because to me they are some of the best consoles with some of the best games and so I occasionally go back and play those games lol
  5. BeardedMamba

    BeardedMamba New Member

    Thanks a lot for this! I'm currently downloading Here Comes The Pain. Time to finish story modes again! My current problem is the game files are too large.
  6. PenguinManiac

    PenguinManiac Member

    I've never played any FPS games on my PS2, but I tried a couple on the PS3/Xbox 360 on my friends' consoles or in stores. Maybe the console versions are balanced to make up for the inevitable slower aiming, or maybe it was just due to the easiness of the early levels, but I didn't feel the controls to be particularly harmful to gameplay. They certainly were more uncomfortable, and fine-tuning it took away quite some time, but practice makes perfect, right?
  7. augusta

    augusta New Member

    I still play the old PlayStation especially PSone.There are some games in it,I still enjoy but I do sometimes.
  8. Referal

    Referal Well-Known Member

    I used to play the old Playstation a while back And NO I ain't that old (lol) My cousin gave it to me it was a PS2 I believe It was grey color so I think it was PS2 I didn't'' use it much as I had few games on it like 2-3 that he used to play as that time PS3 was out and on its prime so PS2 was very old and had limited games to play on it.