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Planeside Clan

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Mar 22, 2017
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Hey All, So I am planning on opening my own outfit or squad for Planetside As I am really bored every time I login onto the game and its always quite its out of peak time which is around 5PM or sometimes 7PM when people are out or in Bed this is EST (Eastern Time Zone) I haven't really thought of a name as yet I will Update it this thread. This is based on first come first serve bases.
[doublepost=1510593493,1510232584][/doublepost]Still Recurting if you are interested please PM me now or Reply to this thread with your username IG and I will add you I need are few Officers and Senior Members
[doublepost=1510788923][/doublepost]I am still in Search I need an Officer for atm the moment someone who is at least Level 12 on Planeside 2 and has got some clan experience PM for info
[doublepost=1524016791][/doublepost]Gonna close to this thread as I have stopped playing this game for a while.
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