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Over 2 and half year completed on GR

Discussion in 'Milestones and Achievements' started by Referal, Feb 3, 2020.

  1. Referal

    Referal Well-Known Member

    Hello so last week when I logged into GameRebels I got a message or notification or alert from GameRebels forum saying I have now have now completed Over 2 and half year on GR imagine that 2 and a half years I remember registering on this forum back in 2017 it was pretty active back then it the Shop was going into V2 same as the forum it sad to this forum become less active if not active at all since then I just hope to this forum back online again in the near future if not summer time atleast cheers for another 20 years on GR!
    --- Double Post Merged, Feb 3, 2020, Original Post Date: Feb 3, 2020 ---
    I have also competed 600 posts on here so far which is amazing if I must say the least awesome