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Discussion in 'PC' started by Tessa Bear, Aug 12, 2017.

  1. Tessa Bear

    Tessa Bear Active Member

    I was tagged in a post about Town of Salem on Humble Bundle, and, that reminded me that Humble Bundle existed. For those of you who don't know, Humble Bundle is a great service for getting great Steam games and software at low prices. You can pay certain amounts of money, and depending on how much you pay can unlock you a new tier of games.

    As of right now, there is a bundle on their site known as the Humble GameMaker Bundle. Usually I wouldn't promote things like this, but this bundle really is worth it. It includes GameMaker Studio. Which is a software that can and WILL give you all tools required to begin developing games. The content of this bundle adds up to a total of $1549.96. However, you can get all this cool stuff for as little as $15, (or roughly £12).

    On top of the GameMaker tools, this bundle does include some other cool content, but I won't go into detail.
    Overall, I highly recommend this to anyone interested in game developing. This could be an opportunity for you! Now, get out there, buy this bundle and make some sick ass games. If anyone genuinely does purchase this and makes a semi-decent game, lemme know in them replies!

    Heres a link to the bundle

    E N J O Y !
    --- Double Post Merged, Aug 12, 2017, Original Post Date: Aug 12, 2017 ---
    Someone please fix the spelling of the title, I'm not retarded, just tired. Ty.
  2. Jog

    Jog Active Member Community Supervisor

    You spelt opportunities wrong my dude.
  3. Siberian

    Siberian Member

    Thanks for letting everyone know about the bundle man! I'll for sure check it out!
  4. Tessa Bear

    Tessa Bear Active Member

    F i x i t p l e a s e, I legit put at the bottom of the message that I spelt it wrong.