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Opinions on Going Free to Play?

Discussion in 'Star Wars: The Old Republic' started by Jordan, Sep 13, 2012.

  1. Jordan

    Jordan Founder Owner

    So I'm wanting your opinions and what you think about if SW:TOR goes free to play? I know a lot of users who think it will ruin the game, a lot of users are now also happy because they get to play for free. So whats your opinion?
  2. SunnysideUP

    SunnysideUP New Member

    It's a little late to answer your post, but here goes:

    As a free-to-play SWToR noob, I can say I can't really compete with pay-to-play or veteran players who have characters at the same level as me. It might be free, but it's like I'm only playing a dim shadow of the game. They made sure to monetize certain aspects of the game which are open and complimentary to old subscribers, in order to give an advantage to people who actually threw money into this game. Other things like the new story arcs and various races are only available to paying users.

    All in all this serves to increase traffic in the game, but also make new clients without disadvantaging old clients. Lot's of people eventually end up throwing money into the game either way to get a glimpse of the experience.
  3. Sylar

    Sylar General Manager

    Better late than never! :p

    As a long time vet of the game who watched it go free to play, I can say they definitely geared it to be a stepping stone to get people's money. They give you just enough to actually want to invest money if you're serious enough. This is because if you are actually serious about playing the game $15 a month is going to make the experience so much easier than even attempting to play as a F2P player. I've tried it, and I hated it. If you actually plan to play the game for more than a short time each month it's worth it to subscribe.