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Nintendo leaks 2018/19


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Mar 22, 2017
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I am a high ranking official in NOA, so for my job safety I can not reveal my, i hope the people reading this can understand.

I am able to reveal the upcoming titles, hardware and assorted other things Nintendo has planned for Q3/4 2018 and Q1/2 2019. Without further ado, I will leak the leaks.


> Super Mario Galaxy 3, for Switch, planned for Q1 2019

> Super Mario Odyssey port for New 3DS planed for Q2 2019

> Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild dlc 3/4 for Q3/4 2018

> LoZ: Classics Remastered, dual 3DS and switch HD port of the original 3 Zelda games.

>Fire Emblem 18: Delayed until Q4 2018, delayed due to problems with the developers

> Fire Emblem Echoes: Geanology of Light (working title), slated for Q1/2 2019, echoes version of Fire Emblem 4 (arts 1 and 2) and Fire Emblem 5, with new free and payed dlc.

>Metroid Prime 4 slated for late 2018

> Super Smash Bros 5, for Switxh slated for early 2019, this is still in planning, officially planned characters to return or be ades will be: The entire cast of SSB 4, Snake, Rayman, Ridley, and Ken. This game will also included, a second call sic mode unlocked after bearing SSB 4’s classic (which will return) at any difficulty. This classic mode will emulate the classic mode in the original SSB, and have the same polygon like textaures of the characters. New stages from new Nintendo Games and 3rd party ips will be added.

> GameCube virtually console for the Switch will be added, with games such as Siper Smah Bros Melee, Fire Emblem: Path of Radience, Super Mario Sunshine.

> New third party ip ports from Bethesda, and the 2k licence as been renewed for another few years, s the switch will get ports for NBA 2k19/20 and Fifita 19/20.


> Nintendo 64 and Gacibe classics slated for late 2018 and Early 219 sold on a preorder system lik the otherClassic consoles.

>Gameboy classic slated for mid 2018.

>New Amiibos for new and existing games will be released in waves through 2018 and 2019.

Source: https://www.gamespot.com/forums/nintendo-fan-club-1000001/nintendo-leaks-201819-33414507/#1