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Name your gaming username

Discussion in 'General Gaming' started by Referal, Nov 16, 2017.

  1. Referal

    Referal Active Member

    On this thread you tell me you usernames you go by on gaming weather be online xbox or steam I go by usernames Revolved, Require and or King if not King4567 on other gaming forums or in games on Steam my username is N34L
  2. gelotologist

    gelotologist New Member

    the username that I currently or have been using since I started being on a game industry is the "gelotologist" username. But sometimes I go by the name of "Pablo",to give me that vibe, gangster like type or the leader of some huge cartels. :D haha
  3. Soulwatcher

    Soulwatcher New Member

    I am Soulwatcher on Steam, Xbox, PlayStation, Origin and Windows 10/PE Minecraft. I have been using this username since 1999 in the original EverQuest.
    P.S. I even use Soulwatcher on my Minecraft website. :)
  4. Martinsx

    Martinsx New Member

    Kings is my username in most of my games. Particularly in my Football manager games and Top Eleven football manager, it's what I love to use always. The feeling of getting to see myself as a king is why I crave the name. Although my lineage is of that of a royal blood, maybe it's why the name appeals to me that much.
  5. Henrywrites

    Henrywrites New Member

    I'm Barida in most of the games that I play and while I fell in love with the term Spacko fc that I named my football manager team, I still like the name of Barida in most games that I play especially on the internet.
  6. Martinsx

    Martinsx New Member

    I know you well Spacko FC from Top Eleven football manager. You're one hell of a tough manager. I remember when we first meet in one chat forum and got hooked up in the game, I was boasting I have a strong team but you gave me the beating of my life especially from your player Dante.

    He was a huge pain in my ass, all matches I played against you, he was the difference maker and scored and assisted in all of them.
  7. Pixie06

    Pixie06 Member

    I have been using the username Elektra in most of my games. Ever since I watched the movie Elektra I fell in love with this character. She is someone who is strong and is good in martial arts and weaponry.