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Mobile Games: Free Or Paid

Discussion in 'Mobile' started by vinaya, Aug 10, 2017.

  1. vinaya

    vinaya New Member

    Do you spend money on mobile games, or do you only play free games on your mobile devices?
    I have an android phone, and I play games on my mobile phone. I have never bought any games on Google Play and I always download and install free games. If the game I have installed is snot interesting or is just a demo version, I will uninstall it and then again loof for free games.
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  2. Pink_Turtle

    Pink_Turtle New Member

    I wouldn't pay for mobile games, in fact I don't do it. I rather just play the free ones. I think it's a waste of money because eventually you are going to need to delete them. You'll need space or something like that and you'll be losing that money just like that. If it's not tangible I won't buy it.
  3. Sino989

    Sino989 Member

    I do not pay for mobile games at all. I think more than most of the mobile games out there are not worth paying for. You play mobile games for about a week to two weeks after you get them so to me it doesn't seem worth it.
  4. Clara1993

    Clara1993 New Member

    I play mobile games Only in public places just to kill sometimes and you all know how games like tenis can be addictive well that's for me :) since I do this almost everyday while in bus, or waiting for services ... my answer is yes I always pay for mobilecgames or computer games because two main reasons I don't like limites in levels in freemium games plus I hate ads.
  5. lindbergh

    lindbergh Member

    Dude, when it comes to mobile games, I want it free. No question about it. The thing is, when it comes to free games on mobile, they're pretty good. When it comes to paid games on mobile, they're sometimes pretty much the same as the free games, less the ads and micro transactions. That's why free is always better on mobile.

    For consoles and PC, it's a lot different. There's a huge discrepancy between free and paid games. Paid games are awesome but free games on these systems aren't really that good.

    In summary, I go for free when on mobile. I go for paid when on consoles and on the PC.
  6. overcast

    overcast Member

    I am fine with both free and paid. As you can see some of the mobile games with free cost often have their own set of limits like ads and the level limits. In such case if you like the game then paying for it is a good model. I personally think that paid games are lot better in many ways. I'd definitely go for it.
  7. Gladdy

    Gladdy Member

    I don't think that I have ever spent any real money on a mobile game. For me phone games are more ''time wasters'' and I don't see them as real, proper games. I prefer saving my money for buying games on either my consoles or my computer.

    However, I do have many friends that spend crazy amounts of money on phone games like Clash of Clans just to get the extra advantage over other players. But this isn't my cup of tea... I only play free games and don't do micro transactions.
  8. valy

    valy New Member

    I am using the both of these methods. Sometimes I buy games from STEAM and not only, I buy some games from my local gaming shop. When I do not have money I purchase free games.
    The Internet is full of games, paid or free, is up to us on what we want to paly!
  9. peachpurple

    peachpurple New Member

    Me too, I download free to play games from Google play or Bigfish games. There are many new games coming up every day. No point buying the games.
  10. augusta

    augusta New Member

    I go for the two both paid and free,my own idea is getting a game I will enjoy.So if it in the paid to download category why not.I go for it but I'm more into installing free version of games.
  11. Neiltarquin

    Neiltarquin Member

    Nothing beats free stuff. And there are lots of free stuff in playstore. Although some of the games you could get are next to crap but beggars can't be chooser. I don't like spending money on mobile games because I dont have the time to actually use mobile games... noe, the longest that I coukd play would be around 30 mins. So for me it's poinless to spend on something I would rarely use.
  12. Jonathan Solomon

    Jonathan Solomon Member

    As a kid, growing up becoming a teen. I spent quite a decent amount of money on mobile gaming. Especially before it became straight smartphone and apps (yes, I'm old, but not that old). At this point, I feel the quality of mobile gaming has declined (*cough cough* Android). Because of that, I don't think they're worth initial payment in order to play. Nothing's wrong with in app purchases, so long as players who choose not to download them can still enjoy the game itself. But that's just how I feel.
  13. Pixie06

    Pixie06 Member

    When it comes to mobile games I never buy any of them. There are so many good games available on the Google Play Store and I don't feel the need to buy any of them. Furthermore, I play those games only when I am traveling or waiting somewhere. I am not a big fan of mobile games. I prefer to save the money that I would have spent on mobile games to buy PC/PS games.
  14. Henrywrites

    Henrywrites New Member

    I've been playing one online game for like a year now and I've not had the need to spend a dime on it. I understand that most people might see reasons with spending money on games, but I just don't think I have the money to spend on any for now.
  15. johnmctown

    johnmctown New Member

    I download free games. There's a lot free games on GOOGLE PLAY. I prefer android than ios. If i don't get a free download version of a game i want to play i was usually ask for it from my nephew :) alright! Just share it. ;) I haven't spent a dime on mobile games. It is much enjoyable to play games for free.
  16. Referal

    Referal Well-Known Member

    Free games to begin with If I like I will buy the game but FREE GAMES are the ones the sell me out more then paid as I look at the reviews if the game is bad and its paid I will not download it but it gets free from paid I will consider downloading it (this includes trials Demos etc) Also Free feels good Paid doesn't feel good tbh :D