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Longest Minecraft Binge

Discussion in 'Minecraft' started by sapett, Jun 13, 2015.

  1. sapett

    sapett New Member

    What was your longest Mincraft binge? In other words, what is the longest you've played in one sitting?

    About a year ago I played for about 14 hours straight. My friends and I were hooked one night on a new "Hunger Games style" server that we had found early that day. We kept telling ourselves "Just one more match!," but we were unable to stay true to that until the sun rose the next morning. It was exhausting, but a blast!
  2. Martin

    Martin Member

    I'd say mine would be close to 15 hours or so, started straight after me and my friend got the Xbox 360 edition when it launched and played it from 11am until 2am the next day.
  3. ProNine

    ProNine New Member

    My longest binge was around 10 hours straight. With five minute breaks of course to use the toilet and such.
  4. Michael

    Michael Active Member

    I guess... a few hours?
  5. zanderlex

    zanderlex New Member

    Mine would probably be about 7 hours or so, though I can easily play for much longer if I dont have other things to do, which I always have. I'm actually making plans to break the record for longest Minecraft playthrough.
  6. Kino

    Kino New Member

    I think mine was almost 9 hours if I remember correctly. It was an amazing day off haha.
  7. Guardian

    Guardian Well-Known Member

    Mine was only about 2 hours. I get bored easily...
  8. Kino

    Kino New Member

    I thought I did too. Then I looked at the clock 9 hours later. :p
    Guardian likes this.
  9. Guardian

    Guardian Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I'm sure mine has gone longer than that... I just don't pay attention.
  10. Ferns

    Ferns New Member

    I have gone on for four hours at most. Does this imply I have great self-control? As fun as it is, I find myself able to stop playing at any given moment. I suppose I'm just a person who needs to go out for some fresh air every now and then.
  11. Soulwatcher

    Soulwatcher New Member

    I would say my longest binge was 14hrs a day for a week straight. I was working on my cave and I got tunnel crazy lol. :smile: I have since slowed down and I try to keep it to a couple hours a day, three to four days a week.
  12. rockandgreen

    rockandgreen New Member

    My longest Minecraft binge has to be 8 hours, which spanned from 7 in the evening to 3 AM in the morning. I was trying to complete a stack of diamond from mining diamond ore and it took me ages since the world I spawned in had a bad seed with a bad rate of diamond spawn in the mineshaft biome I was adventuring in.
  13. valy

    valy New Member

    Hi, I have played for over two hours in one day. And this happens because there was an accident on the road and I had to stay on a bus and wait for the road to be unlocked. Usually, I'm not playing so much only the Minecraft game, I am playing CSGO and some other game!
  14. Gladdy

    Gladdy Member

    Damn, some of you guys are pretty hardcore Minecraft players. I can understand that you can easily forget what time it is when playing it though.. especially if you're building or exploring and you keep telling to yourself ''just one more block, just one more''. I can't say that I've done any extreme hours of binge playing Minecraft. I think the max I've done in a sitting was probably 4-5 hours. I was playing with some friends on a server and before I knew it, it was way past 2 AM :D
  15. airfightermax

    airfightermax Member

    My longest gaming session was 10+ hours on an international flight. Never really had anything to do so I have played Minecraft on my phone (I had a power bank so power was not an issue). What I thought to be only a 30 minute play turned into ten hours! I got hooked immensely trying to build this big house in survival so it took some time. Lots of other things were also happening while I was building it like random zombies from mines and creepers coming out so I never had my sole attention to building it.

    When I finished it though, it was a really big achievement for me :D
  16. giovanniiiii

    giovanniiiii Member

    I remember playing for more than 6 hours with my little brother and little cousins because the game became much more fun when we added the Mo'Creatures mod. We got through the simple stuff of building our house first but the house wasn't protected well because of ogres from the mod. Ogres have the ability to wreck blocks that they smash, so we had to build our base on a higher level! After then we explored the islands, while my companions kept bringing different pets inside the house. Those include rabbits, birds, fishes, horses, turtles, and my cousin even brought a violent panther inside. We were able to go to the Wyvern realm wherein I slayed some wyverns and collected some eggs from there. Since we can't tame wyverns there and bring them back, I brought just the eggs. We made a lair on top of our building and we all had wyverns each. It got interesting when one wyvern got free that we chased it with our wyverns to bring it back. It's just so fun to explore mods.
  17. airfightermax

    airfightermax Member

    Yeah, that feeling you get when you tell yourself "just one more block", it never gets old!

    I still play Minecraft for long hours (think 3 hours tops) but I have now learned how to discipline myself to only play for short amounts of time. I am getting old now and I have a lot of responsibilities now :D
  18. fishmonk

    fishmonk Member

    My personal record was for 12 hours. We were having a Minecraft LAN party in our hostel PC room. It was great and exhausting.