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Justin beiber

Discussion in 'Media' started by Claraviolet, Dec 12, 2014.

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  1. Claraviolet

    Claraviolet New Member

    I don't really know much about him and I don't really want to know either.

    I like his songs pray and never say never. Recently,I've found that he got lots of haters, because of his voice.It is true that his voice is sweet and all, but I don't think that' a good enough reason for haters,to hate him.

    Just stating my opinion.
  2. LitoLawless

    LitoLawless New Member

    Hahahaha! I wouldn't call them "haters" as much as I would call them people calling him out on his crap. He gives off this impression (as a lot of celebrities, especially musician do) that he is holier than thou. He's been in the spotlight for a really long time at this point, and people have watched him change from a humble kid, to an arrogant, trouble seeking (although, I don't think it's ENTIRELY his fault) young man. On one had he's acting a bit crazy, but on the other hand he's a kid and he's growing up before our eyes.
  3. Dana

    Dana New Member

    The name alone makes me cringe. He was such a great kid when he first became famous. So humble and grateful for Usher and his fans. Now he's a punk and he's taking advantage of his fame. I mean he spit on a group of his fans from a balcony once and his fans still loved him!
  4. Squigly

    Squigly Member

    I think both him and Miley Cyrus are becoming extremely arrogant and acting as poor role models for all the teens who idolize them. It is a real shame because I think that they used to be really good singers, now they are getting media attention for all the wrong reasons, unrelated to music.
  5. Dana

    Dana New Member

    I agree with you on Justin, but NOT with Miley. She's not doing anything wrong, she's just being a little crazy. Justin is breaking laws and getting away with it, while Miley is just being a little different than she was years ago when she was just basically Hannah Montana. Miley still has tons of talent and it shows.
  6. #define

    #define New Member

    I just don't like his music.
  7. Michael

    Michael Active Member

    Here are my full opinions of this reckless, stupid pop singer:
    He is a famous dude who is loved by millions of 12 year old girls. I don't hate his music or him necessarily. I loved the roast because basically he got destroyed. I wish he made more smarter decisions in life. He has good music but I don't like all of them though.
  8. Stellar

    Stellar New Member

    He's been pretty quiet lately. I don't really mind him, but I'm not a fan of his music either.

    Glad he finally started behaving himself though haha.
  9. lamanlupa

    lamanlupa New Member

    I don't really care about his music though, obviously I'm not a fan of his. Does he make his own music though? Does he write them himself or does he sings other people's songs like the whole lot of them. I don't find his music catchy at all and also add to this his forced attempts of being controversial and notorious. I think he's just another publicity whore. I don't hate him, but I don't like him.
  10. Referal

    Referal Active Member

    I thinks is the fans fault I mean if I was famous I would't much attention everything i do like if I go to starbuck TMZ and other news will be like this guy is at starbucks OMG etc. Also fans hated JB more because he broke up with Selena Gomez who is now 2017 dating the Weekend
  11. Atropia

    Atropia New Member

    Personally, people are just perceiving him through the media, however some of his music is okay.
  12. Referal

    Referal Active Member

    Yea exactly!
  13. Corzhens

    Corzhens New Member

    Justin Bieber is one of the first superstars in the youtube genre. He rose to fame and mingled with the mainstream. After becoming a big star, what do we get? Some say that Justin is a spoiled brat who is an eccentric. He would do crazy things. Worse, his father would approve of his illegal actions. I wonder what's gone into his head. But with his music, I cannot quarrel with that. He has lots of fans with his chartbuster songs. By the way, from what I remember, he had broken up with his girlfriend. Is that Selena Gomez? Pardon me if I am wrong.
  14. Hux

    Hux Head Forum Admin Forum Administrator

    I'm not a big fan of him and his personality, but his music is great and he has an insane voice.. so that's enough for me to like him.
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