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Is it hard to be the Support?

Discussion in 'League of Legends' started by luispas, Jun 20, 2017.

  1. Deathisue

    Deathisue Member

    Is an easy position to play only you must have synergy with your adc or you adc with you but when the team does not know what teamwork is when it is difficult and you can easily lose a game, the truth depends more on many factors So I'll say it depends.
  2. lilac123

    lilac123 New Member

    I think it's hard to be a good support, because you have to be aware of everything at all times. It's also hard if you're playing with an ADC that you don't know. I've played with ADCs that just jump into a fight they're going to lose and I have to go in and try to save them even though it's pretty much impossible to save them and then I get blamed afterwards. It's really frustrating when your team is bad/gives up and there is nothing you can do because you're a support.
  3. luispas

    luispas Member

    You're words were pure perfection. I think that I can understand what you say because I've been ADC and Support, so I know how it is when you don't have a good synergy in the bot lane. You're totally right, at the end of the day, in League, we are a team, so we have to count with others, the best thing it's do our best and help everyone as much as we can.
  4. tinrmz15

    tinrmz15 New Member

    I enjoy playing support roles whenever I'm with my friends who I knew are skillful using ADR roles. Support roles can only be enjoyable if the ADR knows how to do ADR stuffs. Setting up an opponent and protecting my ADR is a main task for the support and is an important job because ADR is vital part during team fights. However, sometimes I get disappointed using support roles especially when you started to queue and teammates autolock champions desired, the only left role is support. Only to find out that those auto lock team mates are not skillful playing the role. Even if you do your best to support the team, if they are not skillfull, you lose with them.
  5. tinrmz15

    tinrmz15 New Member

    I feel you :tired: its really hard to be a support knowing that you look out and make sure your adc levels up well. You sacrifice your life for your ADC and for the team later on and sometimes they don't give you credits because they will say "i finished/killed them" :(. I also do jump in when opponents are killing my ADR just so I would get killed and not my ADR.
  6. TsuyoyRival

    TsuyoyRival Member

    Number one player in NA is a support, and he mostly plays aggressive champions like Bard and Thresh. His concept of support might differ from other person's opinions, but it works. He just roams a lot, gets Mobi boots early, places wards around river, tries to get someone mid, and even takes kills, he doesn't care. He says that a fed support is more useful in the early game, than the adc, so he has no problem taking the kills from himself.
  7. Rebelssis

    Rebelssis New Member

    Just like you, I main ADC champion and when it's my turn to play as support, my main goal is to keep my carry alive. Of course, denying vision and warrantying vision gets my focus. On the other hand, the thing gets rough when you support a carry player who thinks your shield makes them unstoppable (I main Janna) and they go 3vs1, die and blame it on you... but it feels nice to help your team. To bring this to an end, I'll say that being support is not that complicated...
  8. Gladdy

    Gladdy Member

    Haha. I remember when this was a popular strategy on Alistar. People would instantly pick him, get boots as soon as possible then roam around to middle lane. So, if you were ADC you had to pick somebody that can easily farm 1v2, like Tristana.

    But I do agree that some supports can actually be better fed early than the ADC. If you look at it from a logical standpoint - ADC needs to scale and he needs items... if you have strong supports or AP based ones, you can do more damage early game.