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Is Destiny 2 Beta Worth It?

Discussion in 'Specific Platform Games' started by Gladdy, Aug 16, 2017.

  1. Gladdy

    Gladdy Member

    Hey everybody,

    as you probably know the Destiny 2 beta stage started a while ago and I have been wondering if it's worth pre-purchasing the game just to be able to participate and play in the beta stage? I haven't played the Destiny games before but they always looked very fun.

    I just don't know if it's better to wait till the game is fully released and see how it plays out... or just jumps right in and play from beta onwards. How many things are even unlocked right now? Is it fun or?

    Thank you for your help :) highly appreciated!
  2. valy

    valy New Member

    Destiny 2 beta stage will appear on August 28.29 and 31. There are a lot of benefits if you purchase it, but in my opinion, I would not take it because in Destiny 2 beta stage you will have no clan support, character progression is low, still, I like how the map it has larger areas with improved side quests.
    Gladdy likes this.
  3. fishmonk

    fishmonk Member

    I am going to wait it out and see reviews first. I am not sure whether it will be worth the purchase for me. Are there any Destiny players here who can comment on the beta game?
  4. Fuzyon

    Fuzyon New Member

    If I recall correctly you can still play the beta even if you don't own the game, but you'll have to wait a day more. Playing beta is definitely worth it, especially if it's free.
  5. Gladdy

    Gladdy Member

    Yeah, that's for the computer though. There was already a beta stage for consoles but it ended on 23rd of July I think. I watched many streams on Twitch.tv because I was seriously interested in how the game will be.

    Thanks for pointing out that it will be coming to computers shortly as well. I missed that information. The 29th and 31st is the open beta and 28th is early. So, I guess I will simply wait for 29th and download with hundreds of other people! Can't wait.