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How To Unban Any Xboxlive Account

Discussion in 'Xbox Tutorials' started by Fuzed, Jul 23, 2012.

  1. Fuzed

    Fuzed Active Member

    1). You will need to know your information for the certain account that is suspended/banned.
    2). Go to Home - Xbox.com
    3). Once your at the homepage of Xbox, In the top left hand corner you will see "Support" click it.
    4). Once you clicked support it should bring you too "Xbox Support Home", In the right hand corner you will see "Sign In". Click it.
    5). Sign in with your information.
    6). It should re-fresh your page and, show that your signed in.
    7). After your signed in, Click on "Xbox.com" to go to the website.
    8.) After your on "Xbox.com" click My Xbox & Edit your profile with anything that would get you suspended.
    9). Get your friends to file a complaint on your bio & wait until you get suspended again!
    10). There you have it, You got your account back.
  2. Atom

    Atom New Member

    Cool. Might try this. Maybe I will try it if I get banned. :7
  3. Isn't every way of unbanning yourself patched?