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How to setup cod5 (RGH & Jtag)

Discussion in 'Xbox Tutorials' started by Ace, Sep 22, 2012.

  1. Ace

    Ace Member

    NOTE- I am using FSD for this tutorial.

    Clean Cod 5 Disk/ISO
    Jtag and/or RGH

    Extracting Waw:

    1. Boot Up Your Jtag/RGH
    2. Go up to "Utilities"
    3. Go along to "DVD Extract"
    4. Press A, your disk tray will open.
    5. Put in the cod 5 disk and close it manually
    6. Press OK
    7. Check "Include $SystemUpdate Folder"
    8. Press "Start Copy"

    It loads to about 10000 files. Be patient.

    Installing the TU:

    1. Download the TU (download at bottom of thread)
    2. Download Horizon (download at bottom of thread)
    3. Open Horizon and drag the tu in
    4. Go to "Contents" and press "Extract All"

    1.Plug in your usb to your computer/laptop
    2. Open your usb up
    3. Drag ALL the files you just extracted and the tu itself into your usb
    4. Download the patched default_mp.xex (bottom of the thread)
    5. Drag that in too
    6. Delete the patch_mp.ff and drag in your own modded one
    7. Unplug USB

    1. Plugin your USB to the usb port in your Jtag/RGH
    2. Scroll up to "Utilities" and open File Manager
    3. Press Down and open "Hdd1"
    4. Scroll down and open "XeXMenu_v1.1-XEX"
    5. Run The "default.xex" (this will open the xex menu)
    6. Press RB until you see "Usb0"
    7. Press Y on the TU then A
    8. Press d-pad left until you see "Hdd1"
    9. Open the "Cache" folder
    10. Press Y and go down to paste
    11. Press B and open the "contents" folder
    12. Open 00000...
    13. Open" CoD World at War" folder
    14. Keep going down until you see "default_mp.xex"
    15. Delete it
    16. Press d-pad right until you see "Usb0"
    17. Copy everything (except the tu) into the main waw folder
    18. Run the patched "default_mp.ff"
    19. Connect your ethernet cable from your xbox to Jtag/RGH
    20. Start system-link with your Jtag/RGH
    21. Join on your retail
    22. Get infected
    23. Back out
    24. Connect the ethernet cable from your router/modem to your retail
    25. Connect to XBL with your retail
    26. Happy modding



    Patched default_mp.ff

    Staff if there is any download that is not allowed, please just edit my post, do not delete. I worked hard on this post.
  2. Toxique

    Toxique Well-Known Member

    Nice tutorial Ace :)
  3. Ace

    Ace Member

    Thanks Toxique. :D
  4. ModdedGamers

    ModdedGamers New Member

    You know you can use ISO2GOD it's way easier.