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How to get free skins for CS:GO?

Discussion in 'Counter-strike: Global Offensive' started by DenisHero, Sep 24, 2017.

  1. DenisHero

    DenisHero New Member

    Hello everyone.
    Do you have any methods to get CS:GO skins without spending a fortune on cases or gambling on sites?
    Or an website to complete offers on,get points,and withdraw skins after.
    I mention I am fine with few cents skins as well,no prob:)
  2. Salamander Man 2

    Salamander Man 2 Member

    If you play the game and rank up like 14-15 there is a possible skin drop, so just play comp and get XP
  3. Referal

    Referal Active Member

    Rank up but I would suggest buying it online then just waiting to level up if you are in a hurry then that fine there aren't many sites that offer it for free but a Advance Google Search should do the trick.
  4. Gorgoroth

    Gorgoroth New Member

    There are bunch of sites where you can earn skins either via completing offers or simply getting free skins if you use referral codes. I have a list of few of these sites, but I'm not sure how referral codes are accepted on this forum? Anyways, if you wish to, feel free to PM me and I'll send you the links to the sites I have personally verified to be legit!

    If you wish to get skins by just playing CS:GO, then the only way is to rank up or get random drops from games. The latter are really random, and I haven't gotten anything but cases myself, so it's likely a bad way to go.